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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, January 30, 2010

One of My Turtles

Not a good picture, just a throw away camera. I'm not a photographer I'm a turtle and cow feeder. Their shell is pretty underneath all that green/grayish slime but after all they do live in a stock tank. See the little decorations on my shoes? They like to nibble on them. Not that they taste good, I think the turtles can't see well and think they are food since they associate me with food. Wonder if they would like chocolate? I hope not I really don't want to share. I was having a chocolate attack this after noon while at Wal*Mart so I had to make a biiig decision. Either go to Dairy Queen to buy a blizzard on the way home or buy ice cream at Wal*Mart. I decided it would get me eating faster if I bought some Rocky Road and took it home to the cones I already have. By the time I got home I was trembling all over and drooling at the mouth trying to get that carton open. It wouldn't open for love or money. If all else fails call John. He took out his trusty pocket knife. He could see I needed chocolate. He was wielding that knife all over. I said pleassse don't bleed in my ice cream. The top still wouldn't open. By now he is a man on a mission. Hes digging in the junk drawer like a dog. Where are those pliers? Let me get my glasses there must be a simple way to open. Just pull the little tab it reads. Next time I think I will just go to Dairy Queen.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

I have ice cream attacks, too!!

The cars were outside...cause...our garage is under the cabin and the driveway has steep incline downward....last snow storm there was 30" in front of the garage doors and it took 3 days, many shovels and a tractor to get them out....!!

Live and learn...LindaMay

Wishing for my turn.. said...'re a women after my own heart!!!
Chocolate is SERIOUS business!

jack69 said...

I had to get over here quick. I was looking at Terri's new teeth (great by the way) and Sherry was laughing and saying, Paula is like me, she had a chocolate attack. LOL. All I could see on her computer was your foot and a turtle. Is Paula feeding turtles chocolate and dropped it? I had to get here to find out! So here I am. You girls are so Silly about Chocolate, now Butter Pecan... Another story!!!!
TAke care the turtle don't get a toe!!!
Sherry & Jack

Sheila said...

Lol, I satisfied mine with devil's food cake cupcakes...Sheila

salemslot9 said...

should've went to
Dairy Queen
we used to
go to a park
sometimes, listen to
live music
walk to the nearby
Dairy Queen
sit and watch
the people and
cars go by
on a beautiful day
nice memories
I like your
turtle photo

madcobug said...

I hope you finally got that chocolate fix LOL. Helen

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Love the little turkle! I hope your chocolate fix was fixed!

Lucy said...

I love your blogs. John is a bit stubborn also like Joe. Once he sets his mind to something he will get it done or else Good picture of the turtle. Will it get much bigger?? I am not ready for the carts at Walmart either. Glad you got your ice cream fix.

Kath said...

LOL!! at you Paula and the Rocky Road.Don't realy understand what you mean about the top on the carton but I do know Cadbury's make a Rocky Road Choc Bar.If it's the same thingit's good job you don't live near me.The Cadbury factory is just around the corner from where I live here in England.They have a store there open to the public and sell chochy goods and sweets at discount prices.I would probably see you visiting there shop more than you visit the Turtles Heeeeeeee.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Dar said... funny...but NOT. I have had that happen when you want something so bad and the box won't cooperate...LOL...sorry, Paula, but that was a funny post.
Love your turtle...he must think your flowers on your shoes are lunch. What kind of turtle is that? Have a great week

God Bless

Toon said...

I love painted turtles, but they are messy eaters. Never try keeping one as a pet in an aquarium!