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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fire Ants Cruise Too

When we went put hay out this morning the cows ignored us. Even the noise of the hay buggy didn't excite them. They kept their heads to the ground trying to nibble the short green grass and weeds. After finishing our chores John suggested checking to see if we could make it to the back forty. After seeing the muddy ruts I said I don't think so. He said I'm going through it do you want out. Yes I did, I could envision my teeth stuck in that big oak tree ahead. So he drove and I picked my way through the mud then got back in the truck when I felt safe. Same thing when we got to the creek. There are barely little ruts to drive on. With every rain the tiny road washes out more. A couple loads of gravel would be nice. Maybe landlord and John could go half and half on it if they weren't both so tight with money. I got out again and walked across while he floorboarded it. He is getting too old to be pulling these shenanigans. Tell him he can't and like a three year old he will try to show you he can. He did but when he falls in that creek I don't want to be in that truck. Back in the truck we counted cows. Most of them were enjoying the green. Looks like the hay is going to last fine without having to buy any. Same way coming back across he drove and I walked past the muddy holes. We checked the blind cow in the East. I'm naming her Betsey. She is doing okay but is always eating when we see her. We stopped at the tank and not a turtle in sight but after a few calls they started coming from the direction of the old boat which is almost submerged since all the rain water. I think some day someone will find it and think it is a sunken treasure. The Home Sweet Home is still surrounded by water so I couldn't knock on the door to see if anyone was home. I have to agree with Jimmy about the fire ants. The rains just seem to make them healthier. They survive. Once when it flooded towns east of us John and I took a country drive to look at the water. We came to a river which was so out of bounds we couldn't cross it so we parked and walked to the edge of the water to watch stuff floating downstream. We were amazed to see an old board covered with fire ants winging it's way down the river. Who says ants can't go on cruises too?


Dar said...

Enjoyed the fireant cruise...I hate those lil buggers. They sure can leave a mark and for a long time....maybe they floated right on out of your property or at least we can hope. How do You get rid of them?
I'm amazed at the roads you Texans travel and the roads that are not even roads...our friend down there has roads like that. We could ride all day and not leave his ranch, but the roads, and the bull holes, mercy, they sure can be treacherous can't they. I love getting to another part of the country and just 'winging it' must explain the meaning of living on a 'wing and a prayer', sometimes. I hope your creek doesn't completely wash out the road. Love that you named the blind cow,...she loves it, I'll bet.
God Bless You and John and have a great weekend

Sheila said...

Sounds like you had a good day, except for John trying to show off...ha. He's still trying to impress his girl.. :D
Have a great weekend, Sheila

jack69 said...

And here I thought you had an adventurous spirit. Bounce them ruts, dodge them trees, slide around the creek.
Yeah, there is something built into a male child that just must prove 'anything' just tell me what! 'WE are silly sometimes'.
I wish someone could find a way to rid the country of fire ants.
Jadk & Sherry

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula I hope your weekend is going well ~ Ally x

Toon said...

Cool! I can imagine them singing "Rollin' on the River" in tiny high-pitched voices.

Barbara said...

You tickle me! I always bail out on Pete, too, when he's trying something in a vehicle I don't think it makes sense to try. Of course he usually makes it....Wonder if the ants enjoy thier cruises?

garnett109 said...

geeze even the ants are out doing stuff

Lucy said...

Just thought I would let you know I AM DRIVING MYSELF TO THERAPY TODAY. Say a little prayer. It will be with a little apprehension the first time I touch that brake.

Shirl 72 said...

Those ants must have good jobs to afford a
cruise on the river. With luck maybe they will