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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lunch Is Served

You probably can't see there is a baby calf nursing. Have no idea why the picture came out so small. I didn't intend it that way but this is one of the "no name" cows in John's herd. Hope they don't become a dysfunctional family because of it. It was a beautiful day in south Texas but the weathermen are sending out threats again. Even mentioning sleet so we got ourselves to the ranch to put out hay for the cattle. Six bales left and counting and two at his daughter's house. Come on spring. The weeds are green and they do like some of them. When we got in the hay yard the cows started following up the incline so I had to rush to the gate to head 'em out. Holding my jacket closed with one hand I was trying to do that windmill action with the other arm like John does but those cows don't pay me much mind. They stood and stared at me as if I was just a crazy lady. At least I kept them out. If they ever got into that hay yard it would be a rodeo to get them out but it wouldn't be the first time I saw John chase cows with a Ford Ranger. We've got our extra bale locked in the pens in case the weathermen hit on target. We'll be good for a few days. The tank dam was dry enough to drive on but the turtles weren't out. They don't seem to like it when the wind is blowing the water into little ripples. I think it is hard for them to swim against the ripples. I'm looking forward to springtime to be able to sit and feed them and my plans are to try to pet them with gloves on of course. Also I came up with another idea. I'm going to take some jugs of water to give them a shower so I can see their pretty shells.


salemslot9 said...

your photo is
big when I
click on it
if you hadn't
mentioned the baby
I might've thought
the mama had
extra legs

jack69 said...

The picture is good when blown up. I like it, She is a pretty cow.
Hope the hay lasts 'til spring. Do you get the big round bales delivered or do you haul them one at at time on the Ranger?
Oh well the Turtles will be looking forward to their spring bath. LOL
Jack & Sherry

Sheila said...

They're talking of sleet here and maybe a touch of snow...I hope they are wrong...and we get a foot of snow...ha. Stay warm, Sheila

Kath said...

Double clicking on the picture Paula did the trick.What a beauty she is.I can feel the longing in you to nurse those turtles,giving them showers etc,they ARE in for some treats heeeeeee.You are so funny.I hope your weather stays warm.Keep up the good work you are doing a fine job.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Jimmy's Journal said...

I also double clicked and copied the picture as well. The white column underneath it is part of the picture. It appears you may have scanned the picture into your computer, but you didn't crop it before saving.

The little calf is cute!


Dar said...

You and John sure tend your animals with tender loving care. Good luck on reaching fresh green grasses for the cattle before the hay runs out. Up North, the groundhog saw his shadow so predicted another 6 wks of winter. I hope that is not the case for you.
God Bless TX

Lisa said...

I clicked on the picture and with it larger I saw the sweet little baby!!! How cute!!!! Yep, come on spring...I can't wait!!

Toon said...

I've been wishing for an early Spring since December. I don't ever a remember as annoying relentless as this one.

Lucy said...

Pretty cow. I love the ideas of seeing the colors on the turtles.

Missie said...

Ahhh, wish I could see that baby cow.

natalie said...

way to keep them out...
sounds like the windmill idea was a great one even if nto this time! I liked it!
Thanks !