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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cacti On Guard

On one of our last coutry rides before it got cold we came upon a large ranch that had many gates. On each side of each gate was a cactus plant made from pipe and painted green. I've never seen this type of cactus growing here. Maybe the ranch owner is homesick for another state.
In answer to Jack's question about the hay. The hay in the hay yard is hay that John grew himself. It is haygrazer and it is getting old so its good it is being used up. John's daughter moved it with the tractor to the hay yard and placed it in neat rows so it is easy to pick up with the hay buggy and move to where a ring can be put around it and handy for the cows. No we never haul it on one of our Ford Rangers but we do pull the hay buggy with one of the Rangers.(Don't you think Ford should give us a discount for all the free advertising). This hay was baled by the farmer who took over the large ranch. This was his first time to bale hay and it isn't a real good job and the strings are coming off. The hay at his daughter's house is not as good hay but it is newer. It is made from Johnson grass and other grasses and is not as healthy for the cows. It is more or less just a filler but it is baled good. It is tight and the strings are tight. It was baled by Juan who knows how to bale hay and his whole family pitches in when need be. We have to haul it several miles on the hay buggy. We have to make sure the hay is not rubbing against the tire of the buggy or it can catch fire. It did happen to John once (I wasn't with him that day). A lady stopped and called the fire department on her cell phone. It was good that she did as the grass in the bar ditch was dry and it could have burned through the fence and into someone's property. Now Jack don't you wish you wouldn't have ask if we haul a bale of hay on our Ford Ranger?


jack69 said...

You never know if you don't ask. Thanks.
I remember the first time I ever saw the heavy round bales, I thought how do you load those.
I 'bucked bales' in Missouri, I done it free. the other guys got paid two cents a bale. Bucking bales is loading it in the fields, the small bales of course.
The pipe represent the Saguaro. That one I remember. My BIL wanted to stop and take a picture of one, I said we will see thousands of them. NEVER SAW ANOTHER ONE. We turned Orth toward LasVegas, Turning South we would have seen thousands. He never let me forget it.
Anyway thanks.
Sherry & Jack

Kath said...

Thankyou for the interesting topic today Paula....It's never too late to learn anything so they say.Keep that hay free from the tyres.Have a great Thursday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

I forgot to tell you I love your header. Your explanation about the Hay Balers is really interesting to me. As I said before I guess we women born and raised on a farm, can not get it out of our blood. You keep me grounded Paula, when I read your blog. Thank you

garnett109 said...

That made me thirsty for milk

Toon said...

I put in my time bucking bales as a teen and it was good, hard, therapeutic work...except when a bullsnake would come shooting out from under a bail. That would freak me out every time!

Shirl 72 said...

On the way to my friends I can see the rolls
of hay and of course I ask what it was. They
explained. I am learning so much. I love to
see vacant land with the round bales all lined
up. I also see the hard work.


Martha's Menagerie said...

That's sure something this city girl doesn't know a thing about! Hope you are staying warm Paula!

natalie said...

Dear Paula,
I have never seen a cactus sculpture quite like that one!
You people are very industrious!
Do you have horses and cows? Did you ever want to have milk cows? What about lamas or alpacas? I would love to have alpacas and lamas are not that friendly I guess but they're ok and they have good wool.
I enjoyed this entry! thank you! come and leave some comments at Lurkynat!
you're always welcome!
hugs, natalie p.s. how do you celebrate Valentines Day?
Presidents Day?