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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Ear Slider

Thanks to salemslot9 and her John for sending me the site about my turtles. That name is fitting as I do see a red stripe above their eye and I don't know where their ear is but they do hear me when I call. In this picture I am standing on a little hill which you can't see and calling them. I see them come from across the tank sometime. I don't think their eyesight is as keen. From what I read I would say the one I named Lucy is an elderly lady as her stripe is kind of white or grey and all the others have the red. The first time I saw that red I thought that turtle was hurt as I had never been that close to a common old tank turtle. Its been too wet for days to visit them. Where there was ponds we have lakes and where there were dry creek beds we have rivers. I think Mother Nature is showing us what she can do. She may be saying you wanted water last summer well baby you're getting water. John had to slop in the mud to open the gate to the pens so the cows can eat the extra bale of hay. We've had sun two days now but I think it is supposed to start again before it has a chance to dry so we will probably have to drive to his daughter's and haul a bale from there. Looks like he will make it without having to buy any hay. The weeds are doing wonderful. I always thought Weed & Feed meant kill the weeds and nourish the grass. I think it means feed the weeds. The roots are so strong I can't pull all of them up so I guess they will just get mowed down. Guess the strong roots are from the fertilizer I put on for the grass. Oh well thats life I guess.


Cindi said...

Our turtles arent as friendly...once they come out of the lake...they high tail it back in if the sees anything remotely

jack69 said...

Okay you did it. Now we can picture your turtles. Great picture. Amazing how you have nearly domesticated them. Never heard of calling turtles before. You, lady, are something else.
Good entry, and yes the folks in the mid atlantic are learning don't mess with mother nature.
from across the pond (and keep the rain over there)
Sherry & Jack

salemslot9 said...

you're more than
welcome, Turtle Whisperer

Shirl 72 said...

Love the turtles. That is funny when you call
them they come.

We have had snow, sleet and rain. Snow is gone
and the ground if soaked and we are expecting more rain Tuesday. We maybe need to start building an Ark.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Love those turtles!!


Cindi said...

got a picture for you to see on my blog...

Kath said...

It's great to see a picture Paula.How cool is it,they come crawling along when you call them.We might see a pic of one on your lap one day LOL!!I hope the fine weather continues for you.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

That is a good picture of the turtles. I put a pet turtle on my sidebar. Rather have the real thing.

Rose said...

very cool Paula!


Dar said...

Red Ear I know it's not the ones we have here. Thanks for identifying them...they are wonderful to come to you...they know you won't hurt them.
Have a great week Paula
God Bless

Toon said...

I think it's great that they know you and come running. Most turtles aren't that friendly. The tortoise I've had for ten years doesn't seem to know me. Or maybe she knows me and just doesn't like me?