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Friday, February 5, 2010

Llama, Ze-Donk, and Turtles

This is the llama I talked to while John was on the phone with his sister for forever. I had to find something to entertain myself with and this was the lucky guy/gal. Look closely at the mouth you can tell it is talking to me.
If you read Sheila's comment in the last post about the Ze-Donk she saw when she lived in San Antonio she stirred my memory. I remember seeing it too. It was part zebra and part donkey. It is not too far from here where it lived but I don't know if it could still be alive or not. There was an old store there and they had other animals outside to look at and if I remember correctly some birds. Sheila said a monkey too.
Someone ask what kind of turtles mine (not really mine I just claim them) are. I don't know what kind they are. They are just common turtles that some ponds and stock tanks have around here. The thing that surprises me and I have mentioned before is this stock tank with all the turtles doesn't have any frogs in it. Another tank on another place was loaded with frogs and no turtles. Do you think the turtles eat the tadpoles? I like frogs too and liked to sneak up to the edge of that stock tank and watch the frogs jump into the water. They make a tiny little sound as they jump in and you don't see them in the mud until they jump. I miss these frogs as John gave that ranch up after leasing it for thirty eight years.


salemslot9 said...

I showed my John
your turtle photo
he sent me this:

looks like one of these

Dar said...

I'll bet you and the llama had a fine visit. It was me who asked about your turtles. I enlarged your picture and I believe your friends are the common Mud Turtles found throughout the country. We have them here in WI too. They have a real pretty quilt-like yellow and green belly with a bit of red around the edge of the shells underside. I love that you take care of them.
Last, they do eat the tadpoles and the frogs.
God Bless and Have a Wonderful Weekend

garnett109 said...

yep looks like the llama is talking to you

jack69 said...

As a kid I felt bad bout making frogs jump in the water and ducks leave their resting places to get in the water to avoid me. coulda been the smell, OH but not you Paula, girls always smell good! So I don't know why the frogs would jum in when youcame along. LOL
Sherry & Jack
Woud love to see a z-donk.

Donna said...

I'd rather talk to animals than most people. Present company excluded.


Martha@Menagerie said...

Love the llama Paula. You sure do see some neat stuff!

Sheila said...

I remember the birds. A guy there told us they had a couple of alligators once but they froze..?. I wish I could remember more of the animals they had. I hope you have a nice weekend, Sheila

Fernan said...

I've heard lamas can be very friendly.

You've spoken of oOld Blur turning 17. My Ugly's (truck) 30 yrs old.

Only tortises I know by sight are the box, snapper (nothing to mess with), and painted. We've a goodly number of these ones out back. Have had to stop tractors and machines to let them pass. So many in one place going back and forth between an old old-established alfalfa feild and the once shaded water hole we call it our Turtle Crossing.
Painted turtles plentyful in Michigan I wouldn't deny and child bringing one home for a couple days and returning it back to where it were found. One of Nature's locelyest creatures.

Jimmy's Journal said...

What a nice looking llama. I'll bet he enjoyed your visit as much as you did.


Kattytrick said...

LOL !...That reminds me of the time My Great Uncle Bill came out to Calif from Florida to visit. We were on our way home from the airport when about a mile from my house, in a pasture were about 5 or 6 calico colored mules! I'd not noticed them before.My Uncle pointed them out and said, "Hump! California has just about everything! Even Sport modle Jack-asses!"I now make it a point to notice them whenever I pass.

Gerry said...

You do have interesting conversations. This llama looks very attentive all right. Some interesting animal photos you have here. I was surprised at that uniquely marked donkey. Never seen one like that before, but I think the most unusual is the cow with the head dress. That's an original.