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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Day

Went back to bed under my blankie this morning. It was right down cold and then this afternoon it was A/C time. John went out early to show Felipe where he needs fence fixed. Then we went back out this afternoon to set Juan up to plant haygrazer Monday. Now if everyone will show up Monday and do their job everything will be going smoothly. We made a stop off at John's daughter's house to get the post hole digger. While there we looked at her goat nursery. They have 53 kids and more on the way. No triplets but several sets of twins. On to feed the turtles. They were there and anxious. I think they brought some relatives today. I only had bread for them today. John got out of the truck to watch and he said those turtles can't see anything. They can't see well. I have to try to throw the food right in front of their faces. Today would have been the perfect day for their shower bath. I don't think John would have ever waited around for that and he says they aren't going to let me give them a shower bath. Well I won't know until I try.


salemslot9 said...

happy 1st day of spring, turtle whisperer

Kay said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my "Hiking With An 'Old' Woman" blog. I hope that you will come back and visit again and that you will sign up to follow my hiking blog. BTW....I just added another hike today.

jack69 said...

Just show John you can rope em and shower 'em. I bet you will have a time. Can't wait for hte report!
Hope all goes well and everyone shows up for their jobs.

Shirl 72 said...

I hope you know the song "Bill Groagon's Goat" so you can sing it to them. You can be the Tuttle Whisperer. You know when there is free
food, they will go tell their relatives. That is the name of the game.