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Monday, April 12, 2010

God Is All Around Us

I was just reading Carlene's latest entry at Horseshoebend 2 on how do you explain to someone that God is real. I remembered this that had come to me a few years ago.

God Is All Around Us

Did you see God in the clouds today, as the sun peeked around to cast a ray?

He is all around us even in the trees, while we say our prayers upon bended knees.

Can you feel his presence as you do your chores, busily rushing around in and out of doors?

In the car as we drive he is by our side, helping us remember the laws to a bide.

I think he is leading the birds in song, just as he teaches us right from wrong.

When a storm is brewing I feel no fear, because I know God is always near.

His hand is on our shoulder as we walk. Anytime of night or day he is there for a talk.

He is in all outdoors or in the smallest cell, if we will only listen to what he has to tell.

His book is there for us if we will only read. God is all around us to help us to succeed.



jack69 said...

Two good entries, I had to laugh about the 'stuck in sand' I laughed cause, yeah, I done something stupid like that lately!

God is all around us.
Jack & Sherry

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Good One!!....God is all around us...just look out the window...did man create all that!!??


Lori said...

Very nice. I always wonder how anyone can doubt the existence of a creator when we are confronted with the wonders of creation every day!

Kattytrick said...

That was wonderful! I read it three times. And each time I liked it even better....Thank You.....Kittie

salemslot9 said...

so true