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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tip Toeing Through The------

We're not Tiny Tim and we don't have tulips but we got wildflowers. Just one more time I want to say the wildflowers are the most beautiful I have ever seen in all my years. We did tiptoe through a lot of them this afternoon and didn't give the rattlesnakes a thought. First we went to the country cemetary where John's family are buried. He directed me down a different narrow sandy road then the way I'm used to. when we get knee deep in a sandy lane he tells me the story of how when they were on their way to his mother's funeral one of his sisters (the bossy one) insisted the funeral cars follow her because she knew a short cut. Half followed her and half followed John. When they got down in the sandy lane she got stuck in the white sand. Someone had to take her to the burial and then after the funeral John had to pull her car out. Did I say the wildflowers are beautiful? Then we went to Anchorage. Bet you didn't know there is an Anchorage, Texas and it isn't cold there but right now there are wildflowers there. Every type and vibrant color you can imagine. Yes I wish my digital camera worked to prove it. I took some pictures with my little pitiful throw-a-way camera. Speaking of wildflowers yesterday Susie our cat went missing. She was spayed years ago so she stays home and near us all time. The only time she goes off is to follow us to the mail box or across the street. She was gone about two or three hours. We looked everywhere and called. Finally I thought I need to check my house across the street as I had gone there for something. She has never been inside but there is always a first time. There is no litter box in there so I started having visions. I went to John's back door one more time and called. She jumped straight up out of the bed of wildflowers. It must have been such a soft warm comfortable bed and no one could see her. Now I know where to look for her until the spring is over.


Gerry said...

I am sure the desert here is blooming as it has not bloomed in years, we had so much rain. I love those years! But I just have to be content with photos. I used to drive out to see them when I had a car. I envied you your wild flower trip, but that is one of the best drives there is!

Dar said...

I crave wildflowers right now. As I have said before, we have had so much drought so we never know what we will see. Today I finally see one, just one wee Johnny-Jump-Up in the shade, and one, just one Cowslip by the creek, only the leaf, no flowers Yet. I will be patient but I sure wish I could see all of your colors. Your cat must have been taking time to smell the flowers. I love that she just jumped straight up. funny about the funeral ride. I'll bet that made light of the day.
BlessYa and have a great week

Toon said...

My backyard exploded with purple wildflowers over the weekend, Pure joy!

Lori said...

Oh I'd love to see some pictures. I love seeing fields of wildflowers, and it just isn't something that we see around here very often. Glad Susie didn't stay missing.

salemslot9 said...

Susie + wildflowers = pretty picture