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Friday, April 9, 2010

Running The Streets

When you are getting older you have to take every advantage to drive the streets before they take your keys away. After breakfast we went to the next town west of us to get water in John's big jug. Our water has oil in it so we don't drink it. John said just go on down that street so I forgot about the beds not being made or that I should be at exercise. The town west of us is primarily bohemian people on one side of the highway and mexican people on the other side. The streets are all named after trees. Oak, plum, cypress, I think every tree is named here. On the one side of the highway the streets just play out (country for end). They just go into being a little lane into no where. Kind of fun to explore especially early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. Years ago John bought a whole block (undeveloped) on this side for a very cheap price with no utiities. Somehow he dickered with the city and paid a small price to get them put in. Then he bought old houses that were going to be demolished where the express way was coming through San Antonio. Very cheap but had to be moved by a certain time. He happened to know a house mover that was hired to move them out to that town and set up on each lot. John's kids laughingly called this area his name and ville. Over the years he fixed each one up some ( not mansions) and sold them to families who didn't have a home of their own. Finally after all these years they are all paid off and sometime we run in to someone he sold to. One young woman in particular always remarks how he helped them to have a home when they couldn't have. She had several small children and her husband wasn't the best at holding a job. John waited for the payment when he was without a job. So that was what we did this morning looking at signs of houses for sale and John saying "I don't need anymore houses". Who is he trying to convince? Himself or me? All your life you look forward to retirement and then when the time comes it is hard to face that the time is here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Paula...what a laugh you gave me today with your comment...LOL...I can just see the look on John's face LOLOL...what a hoot!!!! hugs from Ora in KY

Lucy said...

I will let you in on a little secret, retirement is good when just one retires, then when hubby retires a whole new ballgame, then the adjustment is made and things are good. Then the golden??? years start in and I will never understand why they call them the golden years.

madcobug said...

Johnsville would have been fine. I know where a Jonesville is. Sounds like you said he provided a home whereas they wouldn't have had one. Helen

jack69 said...

Succinct and to the point. When you retire you retire! Or that is what Sherry is always saying to me. HA!
It is hard to take the ‘entrepreneur’ out of a man. If he has been an investor, trader, builder or Mr. fixit it is hard for retirement to change him!
I am still trying to retire. Loved the entry!
Jack & Sherry in NC
Wait a minute, WHAT? You forgot about making the beds? Paula, who makes the bed as she is getting up?? WOW, we proud of you!!!!

Marty said...

What a great story ... I fear those days are gone now, when someone would just say "OK, we'll collect your house payment when you're back on your feet." Now, it's more like, "OK, we'll foreclose!"

Rose said...

Great stuff Paula. Some how I don't see you two sitting around being "retired" :)


Lori said...

Wow! John really made a difference in a lot of lives!

Dar said...

God Bless that John of yours for being such a generous fella. I'm sure folks remember him fondly for his kindness. No such thing as a handshake deal anymore, sad but true. Not looking forward to retirement these days, tho it's just around the corner. Like my Pa used to say, "The only thing golden about retirement, is my pee." Like I said, not looking forward to it.
Oil in your water?...hmmm, sounds like a good deal to me!

Barbara said...

Love the pictures in your sidebar, Paula! Sounds like John is one of those fellows that needs something going on to keep going on.

Toon said...

I love to imagine retirement, but it's still too damn far away. >:(