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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Turtle Menu

Those watery creatures ate high on the hog today. They had chicken cut in small cubes and french fries and they ate it up. Sometime I don't go from home so I just take something from what I had for lunch at the hospital cafeteria. We don't always plan ahead or John changes his mind so the turtles have to be thankful for what they get. Three new baby calves and I've lost count. They will be ready to sell about September or October. We drove all around the haygrazer and it is about two or three inches high and starting to need rain. You wouldn't think with all we had and the ponds still full but south Texas land gets dry fast. We saw deer tracks in the field but the dreaded wild hogs haven't discovered the haygrazer yet. We checked out the wheat along the country road. I think that is a fairly new crop out here. At least I've never seen it grown around here before. After supper we made a big circle around to Black Hill looking for wildflowers. We found some along the road, just beautiful and I don't know the names of all of them. Even the old thistles are pretty when a property is covered with them, some white and some a shade of purple. I intended to stay on paved road to insure my truck stayed clean. Famous last words, we ended up on a dusty gravel road where we kinda didn't know where we were. As long as I'm in south Texas I'm not afraid to drive the roads because sooner or later, mostly later, we'll come upon a town or berg we are familiar with . Today we ended up on the highway that leads home. Who would have though there was a road that close to home that we had never been on. Especially John.


Dar said...

Wow, your turtles must just love the dickens out of you for treating them so well. You are a gem.
I love traveling roads I have not been on before. Sometimes it can be a find, sometimes an Oh-Oh.
I laughed to read that you kinda didn't know where you were but you didn't worry about it. My sis that lives in TX. does that. I look for a map, she informs me she never carries one cause, like you, she says, sooner or later, she will come to something familiar. She usually just goes by direction. Like the time we were north of Weatherford and she says, If we head west from here, sooner or later we will get there. We did. You TX gals make my day.
Blessya Girl

Dar said...

Oh, I love your header picture, a field of sunflowers and an old rusty gate, who could ask for more. Your wildflowers of TX are gorgeous.

Missie said...

I bet those turtles are the best fed turtles around! LOL Have a good rest of your week.

Lori said...

It does always surprise me how many roads you find that are new to you. Glad the turtles feasted today and that the cows are all doing well.

salemslot9 said...

as long as
turtles aren't on
the menu

madcobug said...

Sounds like a good day you two had. Have another good one today. Helen

Toon said...

Turtles also love cut up pieces of hot dogs. Their favorite thing in the world to eat is nightcrawlers...better get digging!

jack69 said...

They will be so spoiled!!! WE were talking about you today as we drove. Sherry says I picture Pauline as so refined, but she writes down to earth.

Nah, Just kidding. You really do seem like a refined lady who feeds turtles, and every other stray thing yousee. LOL.
Jack & Sherry from North CArolina