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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Answer To Jack's Fish Question

How did fish get into the stock tank? Remember the harebrained renter? The one who plowed up the pasture with his four wheel drive? The one who drove his pretty truck into the stock tank? The one who shot holes in the grain tank? The one who put the boat into the stock tank and its still there? The one who wanted to trap wild hogs so bad so John helped him drag the trap to an area where the hogs were coming in and taught him how and then he lost interest? This young man had told us he put some fish in the stock tank that his Dad had caught. We had never seen any sight of them jumping. Boy! were we surprised to see them and John tried to tell me they were bass. I don't know one fish from another but I do know a cat fish and these two little guys had those whiskers and a big mouth to suck that slime with. It rained today so was too wet to go feed them but I can't wait to see them again and the turtles and the cows.


Dar said...

Sounds like a kid you rented to...dang them rascals just don't have respect.
As for the catfish, when they get big enough, you can catchum and fryum up for a good ol TX. fishfry with blackeyed peas on the side...yumyum
Have a great day Paula

Toon said...

Did that guy have a fondness for booze? Sounds like an addict of some sort.

Sheila said...

The old renter left you two things to remember him by...well three I guess....a boat and two catfish in the tank.... :) take care, Sheila

garnett109 said...

Are They Cajun Cat Fish?

jack69 said...

Thanks for the answer!
Yep, I guess we'uns are a lot alike. I fish, I only know a couple fish, but yeah we know Catfish. hahahahahahaha!
TAke care, and yeah I remember the consternation of that renter!!!!
From NC

Lucy said...

Even we Nebraskans know catfish. If or I would say when we fished we never caught bass or anything but cat fish. And Oh yes, a huge turtle.