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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A New Mystery

Our neighborhood has a pond in it when you drive off the highway onto the street that leads to our housing addition. It is on private property but----. One day recently when we turned off the highway as we were even with the pond a white truck pulled up and stopped on the side of the road. It had a young couple in it and it wasn't exactly a place a peron would park. I slowed down as I saw the young man get out of the truck. I watched in my rearview mirror to see him get what appeared to be a plastic bag out of the truck. He tossed the bag into the pond but the odd thing is he stood there as if watching to make sure it sunk. I'm telling John all that I am seeing in the mirror. Suppose there is the body of a baby in there I tell him? He says turn around and tell me the licence number, I can remember it. I went around the block and by the time I got back to the pond the truck was gone. I'm watching the pond everyday. Its getting dryer and dryer. When it goes completely dry do you think I will have the nerve to climb the fence and look for the bag. Someone told me it might be a murder weapon in it. Humm what do you think?


Lynne said...

I think you should call the police! It might have been harmless or....!

Dar said...

That is creepy Paula. As dreadful a thought as it is, I hope it's just garbage rather than a baby...sweet Jesus. Man, I wouldn't be able to sleep. Too bad you didn't get the number...just in case it's something bad. It's terrible that someone would watch to see if it sank, so it sure does make one dreams now.
I'd definitely watch for that truck again and get his number. Geeez Crimeny Anywho
Blessya and Sleep Tight

Sheila said...

The sad thing is, with things nowadays, it could be something bad...I hope not though. Take care, Sheila

Kath said...

Hi Paula good to be back reading your great blog again.OH! dear,I couldn't rest until I knew what was in that bag,I am sure they could have kept it in the truck to dispose of properly had it been only waste etc.I would do as Lynne said and report it.You have nothing to lose,The law will probably say you did the right thing.Lets be knowing later if any more news crops up on the bag.Have a great day I hope your mind can rest mine wouldn't LOL!! Thats me though born to worry.
Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

What if that had been baby kittens or something alive. But also as Sheila said it is hard to tell if you should even try to get to it. I am with Kath, I could not rest till I knew it was ok. I just have a feeling it could be cats or maybe a dead puppy, but I always think the worst.

madcobug said...

I think whoever it was had some baby animals of some sort in that bag and threw them in to drown them. Sorry but folks are evil enough to do that. It has happened around here, I didn't see it but a boy told our neighbor that his dad did that with unwanted pups. He never puts his dog up when he should or never had her spaded. Helen

Toon said...

It can't be good. I'd check it out if I were you.

Anonymous said...

I do believe I would have called the police...real quick..better safe than sorry!!! hugs...Ora

Lisa said...

Hi Paula! I sure do hope whatever he put in the pond wasn't anything bad... how very curious this would make me too.
Lisa in Kentucky

garnett109 said...

His Way Of feeding the Turtles?

salemslot9 said...

your John sounds
like Jim Rockford
from "Rockford Files"
tv show
he was good
at remembering license
plate numbers, too
call the law