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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Home Place To Be Razed

So the owner said when he called yesterday. Not the house where the renters live but the orginal home across the driveway. It looks bad, the tin is bent back from the wind and the windows are out. It is very very old. Even the newer one is old, was built in the 70's but its still a good strudy house. I just came home from feeding time. It was hard to get the turtles to come out of hiding. The water is covered with green stuff from the mesquite trees so I'm sure it is hard for them to see. The two little ones are still fighting. They don't have the red stripe on the side of their face so I don't know if that is because they are young or if they are a different type turtle. When they fight they make as much noise in the water as the fish flopping around. I thought I spotted a bigger fish but I'm not sure, they move so fast and I move slow. I guess it stands to reason where there is young there should be a Mama. The cows were all up around the house happily grazing.


jack69 said...

YOu got good eyes, it is hard to get sight of moving fish.
Somethings are sad to see razed. Others need to go.
You will have to sell tickets to the fighting turtles! They may become NIJA Turtles. hahaha
Take care, it is hot here today!

Lynne said...

LOL @ Jack and Ninja turtles!

Well hopefully it will create a better view once it has been razed! Hope you have a great day!

Toon said...

I've always thought of turtles as being rather peaceful. It's disappointing to learn they fight like we do. :(

garnett109 said...

johnny g was here

J said...

wow turtles fighting! that's the best!