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Friday, May 28, 2010

Country Things

The picture is horsemint. It makes good honey and it is thick here right now. I don't know of any beehives close by and I don't know how far the bees come but I didn't see or hear any today. Maybe its not quite the right time yet. I feel as if I've been to the country gym this morning. As John was driving around the haygrazer on the little narrow lane he unexpectedly hit a wild hog rooting covered with grass. Our bodies turned and twisted in every direction before they settled back down on the truck seat. Turtle feed went flying all over the cab. We stopped to tell Domingo the renter about the owner going to tear the old house down and will be wanting to use electricity from his house. He said there is a big catfish in the tank and some bass. His daughters have informed him which turtle is named Lucy. She is named after our own beloved Lucy here in blogspot. So everyone has that straight now. I saw Mama Twiggy too named in memory of Johnny G's Mom who passed away. She used to be a loner but mingles with the herd nicely now. She is easy to spot because she has very short legs compared to the other cows. Domingo's (Sunday) wife told us one of their daughters is graduating from high school and they are having a little party for her Sunday. If we are out to stop by the house for a brisket plate. That was nice of them to invite us. We swung by Juan's village to line him up to bale the haygrazer in a week or ten days. He was on the ball and had already went by to look it over to see how it is coming along. I took a picture of a cute little colt while there. Always a lot to look at in his village.


Lisa said...

This gave me a chuckle because the deer trophy mount in our diningroom hanging by the fireplace is also named Lucy... even though he is a boy, and among my husband's favorite prized possessions. I always like to be invited to graduation parties but haven't been to one in many years. Usually there are lots of young people and good food... something to look forward to. I'm looking forward to the picture of the colt... being from Kentucky though, you'd know I'd feel that way LOL.
Lisa in KY

jack69 said...

Never heard of horse mint. Wen we drive around with our friends Don & Evelyn, Don always informs me of the plant life. He was pointing out a yellow plant I thought was pretty, but he said it was bitter weed and ruined cow milk.

Thanks for the lesson.

Oh, BTW, rough road, huh?

Glad you al lare okay!
From NC, Sherry & jack

Stop by for a brisket plate.

Marty said...

Thanks ... I'll have to watch for some horsemint honey. Sounds nice!

Lynne said...

I think all of us learned something new "horsemint"! Cool!

It has been royal hot here so bugs, bees and mosquitos galore!

Dar said...

Never seen horsemint before, but have heard it even grows way up here in the north. We do have lots of spearmint and peppermint too.
Sorry to hear about the hole. We hit a bull hole once riding through the ranch by Gorman...mercy, our heads hit the roof of the truck, the camera went flying, a good drink was spilled, all hell broke loose. What a I know what you felt.
I think it's nice you name your stock and pets after loved ones...purely out of respect, I'm sure. Pa had a pair of twin calves born once that he named Pete and Re-Pete.
Have a great Memorial Day Mon.

Toon said...

I meant to mention that I really like the new photo you have at the top of the page. Is that a vulture?