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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Deal

John read in the paper this week there would be an auction today of a block of land in the next town over. Now I guess you know by now John is a wheeler dealer so we scoped the block out several times after having a hard time finding it. It is in the worse part of that town. Some of the streets are narrow. Some lots undeveloped. It is on the side of the highway where he bought a block years ago and had houses from where an expressway went through San Antonio. He is all through with that now. This block is even worse but it does have a narrow street on one side and it does have sewer and probably water on one side. We couldn't even walk into any of the lots. It is thick with tall grass, weeds, and trees. We could see a few century plants and diggers. I put on my patriotic shirt, blue with red stripes on the pockets and dark blue flaps with white stars knowing this will be as close as we will get to celebrating the holiday. lol We stopped to get tacos and coffee and I took my lawn chair. We got there early to stop under a shade. A man who lives across the street drove in and ask if he could help us. Bet he wondered what we gringoes were up to. John explained what we were doing on his street having breakfast. He didn't know they were having an auction right across the street from his house so he put his horse in the back as it was grazing in front. Two men showed up about thirty minutes before auction time. They may have been surprised someone was actually there for the auction. They left to get coffee and probably had a good laugh. One was the auctioneer and I'm not sure who the other man was but he seemed to represent the owner who is supposed to be a college in another state as someone had donated this land to them. Hummm odd. Odd auction it was as no one else showed up. They ask John how much he would give for the block. He said $1,000 and they said they had a offer of $10,000. They needed to talk to their people again. They ask for John's name and telephone number. John has already checked and the taxes are current and the city would not make him clear it as of now. If anyone could get a block of land for $1.000 it would be John. This is how John and I celebrate holidays with harebrain ideas.


jack69 said...

I admire John for his ability to make a ridiculous offer, (the only kind to make when you are speculating), and not smile.

Nice way to spend the day. But that was the smallest crowd for an auction, I have ever heard of. LOL
Have a great weekend!

~mel said...

Boy oh boy... I think they're blowing smoke up you know what about that offer of $10,000. I bet you get a phone call and your offer gets accepted. I'll be waiting to hear what you're going to do then. BUT... I thought if an auction was publicly posted and people showed up... even one person... and a bid was made and not raised it went to the bidder??? hmmm...

salemslot9 said...

bidding on a
piece of the USA
very patriotic, indeed

Jimmy's Journal said...

It's really not hairbrained at all. I've made a lot of money making a low offer on properties. Most of them were not expected to be accepted, but you never know. My Daddy told me to always ask, the worse thing that could happen was they say no!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Dar said...

Well, howdy doody...I've heard it all now...Like Mel says, the way auctions go here, if you are the only bidder and your bid isn't raised, heck, I'd say that John is the New Kid on the Block. Never ever seen an auction where no one else showed. Hmmm. Good luck
Happy Memorial Day on Mon.
BlessYa and God Bless America

Toon said...

I think most holidays should be celebrated with harebrained ideas. Why not?