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This Way To My Blog

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Real Callithump

Yes I would think the turtles and fish thought that was a real callithump yesterday. They wouldn't come when I called and the few that did avoided the bank. We saw signs where fishing had gone on. Must have been an easy catch. We went out very early to get the electricity set up for the razing of the old home place. They hadn't showed up when we left and probably won't being a holiday. The cows were out grazing in the field and all their calves were standing under a tree. When they heard the motor of the truck they all started running and didn't stop until they got to the other side. Now the Mama's will have to gather them all up later. One moo sounds like the other to me but each must be different as they can always call thier own calf up. When we left the radiator was all stuffed up with pollen, leaves, and trash so I suggested we stop in town at the car wash. For fifty cents we sprayed it all out and the truck was running cooler. When John started spraying the hard water a little field mouse hopped out. It was a fat little buger, probably pregnant. I'm glad we didn't make it home with it in tow. There is a small field behind the car wash and next to a grocery store so I guess it will have a good life.


Lucy said...

Hi Paula, You do always have something going on at that ranch. It must be hot there. It actually got chilly enough at my folks cemetery I wish I had a sweater. Today we have the air back on.

jack69 said...

Ho,ho! An unwelcome hitchhiker. Funny you saw it, I guess that happens more times than we think.
Glad the truck is running cooler, that will do it everytime, when the radiator is covered with junk.
Hope you have a great evening.
YOu can always go back and try to find the hitchhiker!

We have hauled several around. I always wonder if they know the difference when they climb back out.

I had never thought of the moo's of the cows and how their calves know the right one.
From NC,

jack69 said...

What in the name of common sense is a:
Does that fit in with a 'Hissy Fit'?

Kath said...

I'll ask you the same question as jack69 Paula.I had to laugh at the title of the post.I'm happy for you that the fat little buggar got away before you got home too he-heeeeeee!!OH! you do make me laugh.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sheila said...

That is a new one for me too 'callithump'. Hope your weekend is going great, Sheila

Toon said...

Okay. I still don't know what a callithump is -- a thunderstorm? I should google it....

Ora said...

Hi Paula....I am working on catching up with my blogs...with the weather so nice...outside is the place to or no!!! Reading your blog is like a new book...each chapter is new...LOL..and interesting...and so very different from anything I have or would ever want to happen LOL...I am city bred the bone are such a good story teller...God Bless...hugs...Ora

Lynne said...

Like Ora, playing catch up!

Glad your field mouse found a new home and away from yours, lol.