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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doubles But Not Trouble

When we go to Whataburger we see some of the same elderly people there. Today was no different. We saw two couples that we've seen before and the ladies are elderly twins. I commented to one of them how nice it is that they still dress alike. They are the same size, have the same silver hair with the same permanent wave and always have on matching clothes. She told me we are 80 years old and have always dressed alike. I know they say (who ever they is) that twins should not be dressed alike, they should be allowed to develop their own personality. Oh but they look soooo cute even at 80.
I kinda thought John was retiring and what does he do? He goes to the cattle auction and buys six more cows and two of them have babies. We had to go roust the cowboy from his nap to get him to haul them. They are in the pen getting located. One is a longhorn and he says for me. Ha bet he won't let me have the money when it has a calf. Oh well it doesn't have the veeeery long horns I like.
The turtles and fish should appreciate me. It was hot today and I walked to the tank to feed them while John was getting the water ready in the pens for the new cows. You would think I would have had sense enough to take an umbrella. They are still skittish and don't get out of the water. We need some wind to blow the green stuff to the side but it isn't as bad as it was last time.
They didn't start tearing the old house down, now we are doubting they will. The renters ask permission to use a very large metal water tank for a swimming pool. John gave his permission since he isn't using it presently. When we left they had already turned it on side and rolled it to the back yard and started filling it with water. That will be a sight with six very large people in it but hey its hot here in south texas. What ever works. The lady took me on a tour of their managerie in the back yard where the new pool will be. They have geese, ducks, cats, kittens, rabbits, guineas (sp) and little dogs and medium dogs outside the yard. They ask today if they could have a horse. I told her I'm not the boss she can ask but after the last horses renters had tore some of the fences down John said no more horses on the place. I notice she didn't ask him, I guess she thought she shouldn't press her luck after she ask to use the trough for a swimming pool. The only thing missing was the white (dirty) turkeys. They are the biggest traders I have ever seen and she mentioned Craig's List. lol


jack69 said...

I always liked it when our twins dressed alike. In florida for about four years in a row, we went to the same McDonalds and two men(twins) in their 70's would be there and they were closely dressed alike. I always enjoyed seeing them. I thought how neat it must be to be a twin.

Good entry, quite the renters youall have there!
Soooo the retired rancher is semi-retired and growing.

Dar said...

I LOVE that the twin sisters of 80 yrs. young still dress alike. Sweet. Now, my twin and I just don't do that anymore. Doug and I do have the same receding hairline tho.
Nice that John bought you a longhorn. I think he likes you. And funny about semi-retirement. Bill keeps saying we aren't making the garden any bigger and he adds two more...three gardens at our age...what the heck is he thinking...geez
Your renters are something else, but at least they ask before going ahead with an idea.
Say hi to your turtles for me.

barb said...

hi--good to read you tonight. would love to see that pool---and the turtles. i had a pet turtle when a kid--she/he loved hibiscus flowers. barb

Kath said...

LOL once again Paula.I would love to see a picture of them all in that tank Heeeeee!!Is there a chance of one LOL!!Like you say Texas is HOT so I don't think i would say no to the idea.Awww so kind of John to buy you a Longhorn,even if it don't have the long horns you like.Maybe the twins dressing alike at 80 yrs old keeps them still thinking and feeling young who knows?.The renters asking permission is a bonus I must admit,better than doing as they please, as many would in todays world.Have a great Wednesday Paula.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Toon said...

My dad had a hard time retiring from farming too. He'd say he was retired and then go buy a few cattle or plant a few acres of corn. Drove my poor mother crazy!!

Amanda said...

((((((((((((((((PAULINE)))))))))))))Hi there,I know,its been a while,I miss reading the Blogs and yours.I am trying to get back into it.I would love to see pics of the new cows and your neighbors pool and all of the animals.Glad to see your doing good.Have a nice week.