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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Callithump Isn't In My Dicitionary Either

In case you didn't find out what it means---It means a loud or noisy parade but in this case it was a loud graduation party. The turtles still don't come too close but they do still feed. It would be hard crawling for them as the cows hooves have really made a rough mess on the edge of the water. The cows are getting into the water to cool off.

What ever happened to people keeping their word? The old house is still standing. Well not straight, but not any boards torn down. John did his part by getting extension cords and getting permission from the renters and plugging into the outlet in the laundry room. No one showed again today. The fence builder resurfaced wanting work. So John told him he could paint the overhang on his house. We got everything ready, paint, brushes, paint paddle, and the ladder is close by. Did he show? Nooooo Did he call? Noooo. They were supposed to bale hay today after they worked two hours somewhere else. We made our second trip out and left there at five and they hadn't arrived yet and it is supposed to rain tonight. Is it just this county or is it everywhere people don't keep their word anymore?

We decided to let the new cows on the block out this afternoon. They went right past the old cows on the tank dam and through a gate and into the field. Except one stayed with the old cows. Must be a friendly soul and figures they can show her the ropes. The others probably wanted to see how far this new world went. They will like their new home, they have all the comforts. Plenty of water even if it has the taste of turtles and plenty of green grass. Little blocks of salt or mineral and tubs with that brown stuff to lick. People in the farm house who adore animals. What more could they want?


jack69 said...

WEll I wish you a happy Callithump next time! LOL
Many folk do not keep their word. I still like to work using the theory my word is my bond. Sometime the belief has been dishonored but we sill expect people to keep their word!

(I am falling asleep at this key board, my mouse just ran off the pad!)

Kath said...

When you finally see the workers Paula,I would kick up a right Callithump Heeeeeeeeeee.NO they don't keep their word Paula,in England you can chase all workmen forever more.Not any of them seem to want to turn up on jobs promised.It's like looking for GOLD trying to find a good tradesman today,they are not like they used to be honest prompt and professional,(JOB DONE).Those cows will think they are in paradise shortly... LOL!!...Have great Thursday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

It isn't just the country, Paula. It is everywhere. I do remember on the farm there was no stronger words said, than I will be there at such and such a time and they were, I have been out of the loop for a while but feel I am ready to go. Memorial Day is always hard, So many loved ones but I think mostly it was because of this heart flipping out. I am going to be in a better frame of mind.

Dar said...

Paula, Like my ol' neighbor always says, "What's wrong with this country or What's wrong with people these days?" I know what you mean and sympathize. One thing I AM proud of tho, is the way my own kids DO keep their word. I'm not bragging, just darned proud. It does seem to be more and more rare a thing. Sad. You can bet tho, that those that do not show up on time, sure want to paid dearly for any work they DO happen to do. Where's the pride. The grateful to have a job. Geeeez
The whole world's gone amuck just like your cow-trodden pond.
have a great day in spite of it all Paula
Have a Blessed One
Loveya from WI

Toon said...

Thank you for the definition!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

ughhhhh.....i know what you mean!! The painters restaining our cabin are a "here today ...gone tomorrow" crew....driving me a little closer to crazy!!


Sheila said...

You speak the truth! Hope you have a nice week, Sheila

Shirl 72 said...

I cannot understand when a person cannot show, a short phone call would help. I seems people don't give a flip.

I hope the cows like turtles they are shy and
do not make friends easy. Hope everything is
going well.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I wonder if that word is related to a calliope? Either way, it's new to me.

The new cows should be downright proud to have a nice home with you and John.

I don't care too much for people who don't keep their word!


Lucy said...

It is not like it used to be.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula isn't a sad thing of our times how workmen fail to keep their promises ~
hope the cows enjoyed their freedom and glad to know the turtles are still feeding ~ Ally x

Gerry said...

Sounds like cow paradise. Well, some cows know a good thing when they get it. People may not be bad off enough to keep their word about doing some work for pay, but it does seem like you had a real run of folks agreeing to work and then not following through. Maybe it is catching.