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Saturday, June 5, 2010

This Ole House

This is the back of the old home place that was supposed to be torn down last week and it still stands. It looks worse from the front. Probably built in the 30's. Right to the left of the old house is the house they built in the 70's. Whoo bet Mrs. B. thought she was in high cotton with a bathroom.
We made two trips to the ranch looking for the evasive two new cows and one calf. The other four and one calf had taken up with the herd and settled right in.
The fish and the turtles are in great competition now and after being fed twice today will probably expect three meals a day. I saw what seemed to be three or four small catfish. The water was terrible this morning with the green stuff but half the tank was cleared this afternoon. Probably a light breeze had swept it to the side. It won't stay forever.
It was very hot driving around looking for the cows through sunflowers much higher then our heads and no air on. John calls them Yellowtops, I call them Sunflowers. They are plentiful and so is the Horsemint. Too bad the cattle doesn't eat either one. We had several little grasshoppers jumping in the window to hitch a ride on our shoulders or arms.
They worked on the hay a few hours yesterday and today. One field will probably make about 80 large round bales and I don't know how many in the other. Even though its hot and there is lots of green grass you have to think ahead to this winter when the green grass is all dead or gone.


Sayit-baldys said...


Marty said...

Wow ... the thought of Sunflowers over your heads is kind of cool. I've never seen anything like that!

jack69 said...

Like this one. Searching for cattle. They all look alike to us neophites, but I guess if you buy them you remember what they look like.

Too bad you can't call a muster and have them all line up like the military. Maybe you should work on that. "Answer up with a big MOO, when you name is called!"
Should work. hahahahahahahaha

Take care,
Jack & Sherry over in NC

Lynne said...

I have to admit I did not understand what you meant by "razing" a house. The husband thought it was taking off the old paint, lol. Glad it got cleared up in my head, lol.

Lucy said...

When you speak of certain things on your ranch and sunflowers so tall and grasshoppers it takes me back to my child hood.

Dar said...

Love this Paula. You are busy folks with the ranching to do to replenish for the winter. I love it when the sunflowers get so tall. I will have to post my 20 footer again sometime.
Have a great day

salemslot9 said...

high cotton
you're too funny

Sheila said...

Good entry, have a nice week, hope the evasive cows and calf turn up...maybe they just hide when they see you coming...Take care, Sheila

Toon said...

That photo could have been taken from any number of places near where I grew up. Country is country no matter where.