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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rubber Boots Needed

We got about two inches of rain so it was too wet to drive anywhere past the farm house. My new turquoise boots with flowers were broke in. Walking from the house to the stock tank in mud with heavy boots on is not easy. When I got home I had to take a nap. When we got almost to the tank there was the cutest little cotton tail rabbit grazing on the green grass. That was such a delight as we haven't seen a rabbit in a long time. It wasn't even scared of us. I stopped to talk to it. Seems some of the turtles have left (I hope the renters aren't making turtle soup), I can normally count about twenty five. Lately only ten or eleven. When we drove out onto the highway we saw one crossing the road. John said there is one of your turtles running away from home. Seems they like to travel after a rain. Maybe looking for a nicer pond?


Donna said...

Oh well, you know how it is with youngsters: they ALL have a tendency to run away from home. Then they get hungry and come back.

~mel said...

Looking for a nicer pond ~ possibly ... but they'll never find a nicer lady to feed them ~ they'll be back! Isn't it about that time of the year for little baby turtles to be showing up soon? Maybe that's where your turtles are ~ out wandering around on land laying eggs.

Indigo said...

It makes sense they would move around more after a rain. Otherwise I could see the sun baking them alive in their shells. From what you've said of your renters, I can't see them harming any animals. They seemed to be more likely to rescue them. (Hugs)Indigo

salemslot9 said...

I saw Chowderhead
the stray mama cat
and a brown 'hop hop'
in our front yard
the other day
for only a moment
before they went
their separate ways

Lucy said...

I doubt they will find a nicer lady to feed them. In fact how many people make pets out of turtles?? That is one of the kindest person's on earth. I think that beautiful cat lives in that ucky yard. I still hope to get a picture of it.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I wander if the little rabbit's name was Peter. Is there a bunny trail nearby?


Barbara said...

What we mostly see around here are swamp rabbits...occasionally we'll see a real cottontail. Why do men have a pinchant for getting a girls new boots all messy the first trip out?! Sorry to hear your turtle population is dwendling. That loggerhead Pete released by our pond has never been seen again....suppose it wasn't his cup of tea.

jack69 said...

Ain't no way them suckers are looking for a nicer pond, where are they gonna find one with meals on wheels?

But however if they are becoming the meals, just maybe the rest know that!!
TAke care.
From NC!

Sheila said...

The turtle might have been going to look for some more of his family to bring to the great pond he found, complete with room service. Have a great week, Sheila

It's Just Katie! said...

Happy to hear the boots held up. Hoping your turtles find their way back to the comforts of home!

Take care of you and yours always,

Dar said...

My guess, Paula, they are doing as Mel says...wandering around looking for places to lay their eggs. They will be back, WITH their families. They know a good thing when they have the Meals on Wheels that Jack says...they loveya
As I do
Have a great week

Toon said...

It's been raining nonstop here. I think I'm growing moss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...well I think my two turtles would wander if they could...but I got them penned in LOL...but they come a floating when they hear the rattle of the food can LOL...and yes..I will agree...they are out hanky panky and laying eggs???? LOLOL...glad the boots worked...and you will have to get you a walking stick girl...helps some!!! God Bless...hugs..Ora

Rose said...

you all are getting some crazy weather!

Shirl 72 said...

If the turtle didn't have his luggage with
him he will be back. He was probably just
taking a morning stroll. On the news I saw
a little dog standing on the back of a turtle and it was taking the dog for a slow ride. It was so cute. Maybe your turtles have talent.


J said...

I once found a turtle crossing the road. it was a big one too! i took him 9her) home and named it butch! I love that turtle. then one day it died so my dad threw it in a ditch across the street. heartless, I know!

I love your country tales, paula!

Lisa said...

Maybe turtle was looking for a mate or a place to hide her eggs. They usually stay in one place, as far as I know.

Marty said...

Yikes ... I hope your renters aren't making turtle soup, too. Maybe there's something you can do to protect the turtles?

jack69 said...

Just checking in, Sherry is worried about you. Hope you are well. Of course I am concerned too.
Takc care of yourself and drop us aline.
Sherry & Jack from NC

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, reminds me of the story of "The Hare and the Turquoise."