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Friday, May 14, 2010

Same Ole Song And Dance

Its flooding in San Anonio and flooding in the towns west of us but did it rain on the haygrazer? Noooo. We could drive all over the ranch this morning and we did. The turtles were hungry, I could see their heads above the water swimming toward me as I got out of the truck. They didn't even seem to mind the breeze. Maybe the ripples were coming toward me and they could swim easier. I didn't notice. We rounded up the cattle with John on the ground and me in the truck. Getting them in position to be worked by the cowboy on his horse Monday morning.. They were good girls and cooperated. Went right down the lane toward the stock tank. We saw one turkey hen walking in the middle of the lane toward the water but she disappeared in a hurry when she saw us. When we passed the farm house we only saw two of the white turkeys. Well they used to be white, they are a mess now. The big pretty lab is gone and another dog has taken up residence in that dog house. These people are the biggest traders I have ever seen. They even lost the twin babies they were fostering. Not because they didn't take care of them just because the mother got them back. So the cribs and highchairs were in the yard at a yard sale. We'll go back late this afternoon just to make sure all the cattle were out of the closed gates. Don't want them closed out from the water.


Lucy said...

They must be something else. I bet you get some odd ones. It made it to 70 today and no rain yet. Supposed to be the weekend.

Dar said...

Just got off the phone with my sis in the Ft. Worth outskirts and she opened the door so I could hear the rain pouring down. You sure are getting it in TX. We had a day of rain that didn't even amount to a quarter inch.
Your boarders sound like they do a lot of trading alright...hope it's a good thing the babies are back with their Mom. Ya never know, I guess.
Have a great weekend Paula

Suzi Que said...

Oh, I did enjoy this!!!!

madcobug said...

I hope you get that rain soon. Hopefully those renters can sell that baby furniture, about the time they do then along will come some more to foster. Helen

Ora said...

Hi Paula...well you should see my turtles come a runnin when I get close to the tank...LOL..they know what they are going to get LOL...and it seems we have a "snapping turtle" too...boy she tries her best to bite..wonder if it would really hurt??? might just try it LOLOL...and glad the cows were co operating today!!!! hugs...Ora

jack69 said...

It might be the same old song and dance, but it is still interesting to us who are not on the range. If you had you a mule you could work the cattle.
Take care.
jack & Sherry

Marty said...

Your pictures make me long to visit Texas. If I understand you correctly, the Turtles are so used to you at this point they swim towards you the moment you arrive? Smart turtles ...!

Sheila said...

Maybe the rain will come once the cowboy gets his job done...have a nice weekend, Sheila

Martha said...

Glad to hear all is well Paula. I do hope you'll get some rain soon. We desperately need some here too. Enjoy the weekend! I'll be by to visit when I can :-)