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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Deer Blind In The Hay Field

After the reaction to the picture of a deer bind I posted recently I thought maybe I should keep this gem to myself. Butttt this morning on the way to the ranch we were stopped at a red light in the next town over. Guess what was catty cornered across the street? Yep lots of deer blinds for sale at a hunting supply store and they were all on stilts or legs. Sooo I got to thinking. We here in south Texas must hunt differently then in some other states. So I ask John why do we have our deer blinds on stilts? John always has an answer for me, be it right or wrong. John said because deer don't look up. Humm stands to reason I guess. Then he said there is several reasons. You can see over the brush. Okay see so why are y'all laughing at our deer blinds? lol Me too. Anyway I observed all these neat blinds and noticed there was one in cow design, black and white. There was one for ladies, pink and white. There was new camo and old camo and the one I liked best was University of Texas colors (hook 'em horns). I'm thinking we should buy one of these for my granddaughter who just earned her Master's degree from UT plus passed all her CPA test with flying colors.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paula...reading some of the looks as if summer life in south texas is alive and well....some more alive than what I care for the only thing I could think of when I saw those "blinds" was...what a neat place to sit and read and watch wildlife pass by??? a cooler...comfy place to sit...and soft would be nice too LOL...and something to snack on...maybe a "taco"...oh cannot get them any more...??? guess you will have to start making your own...I know I know...the others are better and hugs to you both...

garnett109 said...

up here in pa we build ours in trees

Sheila said...

Hi Paula, congratulations to your granddaughter. Hope you are having a nice weekend, Sheila

jack69 said...

Yeah, Git the girl a 'Hook 'em Horns' Deer blind. And hold the smart remarks about the man in your life! You could start sounding like Lucy.
You girls can do better than that!!!! LOL

Enjoy your Sunday!
Love from the mountains of NC where we use self climbing blinds or stands. We find a tree with limbs that are high allowing us to motivate up the tree to the limbs with the tree stand.

jack69 said...

Have I been in too big a hurry, or are the critters on the right new! I believe they are new, I like 'em.

Dar said...

We have those up north too, and we build treehouses, have self climbers that climb the trees with steps that screw into the trees, blinds that are dolly lamas that are like playhouses on the ground or on stilts. Some even have iron surrounds so the bear and the cougar can't get in while the hunters are in. My favorite blind tho, is the one with a window that can be locked, a wood stove or propane heater to keep my fanny warm, a bed to nap in while waiting the wildlife out, or a recliner, a well stocked 'Salty Dog' corner, books, a porta potty and fanny wipe. Now, that's my kind of deer blind and where is it, you ask, one in WI, one in TX. The only way to go! Now, where's my shoots gun, my camera?
I Love this entry!

Marty said...

Hi Paula,
I'll bet your granddaughter would get a real kick out of a deer blind in her school colors as a graduation gift. Congrats to her!

Kath said...

Hi Paula, catching up as usual."Congratulations" to Dear Grandaughter.Tell her well done (Clap Clap) from me.Thankyou for the info on the blinds.Not many in England like these you show us,only the odd tree house now and again here.Have a Blessed Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Lucy said...

I have never seen a deer blind in real life. When I was little many moons ago we never hunted deer. I love all the pictures on the right. Isn't it fun to raze Jack once in a while.

Toon said...

My first apartment in Kansas City wasn't much bigger than that.

Shirl 72 said...

Congratulations to your Granddaughter.
I must be out of step I have never seem a deer blind and don't know what they are which is
not unusual for one raised in the City.
Your blogs are very educational for those of
us who have never lived on a Ranch. Appreciate
all the info.


Gerry said...

John told you something I did not know about deer blinds on stilts! If you were a deer would you imagine such a thing? A cute deer blind. Well, that's what women do is pretty up everything.