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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Curious Neighbor

Last winter one day when we were going down the lane to the back forty (see no leaves on the trees) this cow came out of the brush to stare at us. I think she was checking to see if we were feeding something better then she was getting.
We hear by way of the grape vine the owner's grandson and his wife, girlfriend, significant other, whatever her title, have started tearing down the old hay barn. It is very tall and held a lot of hay in it's time. Too bad someone didn't keep it in repair. There are so many structures in this county that haven't been kept up. Next I think they plan on tearing the old home place down.
The hay has been cut but not baled and it has rained all day today off and on. Bad for the hay but the rain has been sooo nice for the trees, flowers, and grass.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

The high country is haying like crazy.....!
The rains start this afternoon and are suppose to last thru the weekend.....yikes!!


garnett109 said...

must be hot down there now

salemslot9 said...

I love old barns
maybe, we'll have one, someday
only have a small shed
that looks like a barn, now

Lucy said...

I bet it is hot down there. We have to make do with Spunky Jr. dog house. No Hay in there but I sure have memories of a barn with lots of hay;.

Barbara said...

Great picture, Paula. Might put it on my screensaver, if you don't mind.

Toon said...

Where I'm from, the old barns are never torn down -- they just sit and weather the years until they collapse.

~mel said...

I just love your posts!! The cows, the turtles, the old barn and house stories ... the trips around the ranch. Thanks for sharing Paula ~ and if I ever make it down to your neck of the woods ~ I'm looking you up 'cuz I want a first hand tour. LOL ... don't panic... I don't see another vacation in my future soon.

jack69 said...

She is only curious cause she heard thru the grapevine you are a pushover for food. She would probably like the cat food you feed the turtles.

WE are about like Toon says around here. WE just let the collaps.

Take care, as always, enjoyed the post

Missie said...

I used to love traveling around to find old barns and take pictures. Enjoy the rest of your week.