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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do Some Birds Have Green Beaks?

Well when a person can grow plants they say they have a green thumb. There is a shoulder high chile patine (sp) bush in my flower bed and I didn't plant it there. A bird must have dropped one there and it grew. So I got to thinking--how do birds plant those things? Does it burn their throat and they drop it fast onto the ground. Do they swallow it whole and not know it is chile pepper hot and it goes out in their droppings to grow in my flower bed? Just wondering. Made me think of an incidence when I lived in San Antonio. One of those plants came up in my neighbor's fence line. A homeless man who traveled our neighborhood with his worldly goods in four grocery carts stopped to pick a few of the chile peppers and the neighbor came out to fuss at him for picking her peppers. How ugly she was maybe the peppers belonged to the bird that planted the plant. Maybe they belonged to the city who's property met her's in that spot. Anyway I'll pick a few and put them in a jar of vinegar in case we want to sprinkle some on some beans but most likely they will sit in the back of the fridge until they look moldy. The bird that planted this plant had to have a green beak because this plant is green, tall, and full of little chile peppers.


Shirl 72 said...

That is a good question we will have to study
that one. I think you are right those peppers
were the birds. Now I wonder when the birds
scartter the bird seeds is that their flower
garden. They don't bother coming back to pull


jack69 said...

Good point. Old folks used to say the small tomatoes called 'salad tomatoes' now. We call them Tom a Toes, came from Hog droppings. WE had a great plant near an old hog pen in New Hope.
BUT with Birds some have greener peaks than others, because it alldoes not grow, I DON'T THINK! DAr and Mel will know the truth!!!!
Love from NC,
sherry & Jack

Anonymous said...


Toon said...

Birds aren't affected by chili heat -- the chemical compound that burns our tongues does not affect them at all. They can eat them all they want and then poop out the seeds elsewhere.

salemslot9 said...

my John planted
a jalapeno pepper plant
for the first time
along with 3 tomato plants

garnett109 said...

they don't plant in the dirt here usually on my truck is where they plant their poo!

Dar said...

Either the birds planted that pepper plant or maybe John spit one out of his teeth that was too hot to handle. LOL Either way, I do know that the heat of the pepper doesn't seem to bother the birds any, but sure will keep the deer and the rabbits away from your plant. They cannot handle the heat so they get out of the kitchen. Be it the birds or the wind, it sounds as if you have a wonderful pepper plant there. I, too, tend to not use them up when I get them on our TX trips. I do like to braid them and hang them up for a festive decoration in my kitchen or drop them in a clear bottle of oil just to set in my window for a spell. Love the look, is all. Take care and watch out not to overheat yourself.
BlessYourHeart~~~~oh, peppers ARE good for the ol' ticker too~~with care, for they sure get my heart racing