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Friday, June 11, 2010

Taco Free County

Oh no how are people in our county going to work without their breakfst tacos to get them started? We had plans to stop and was shocked to see there was no line at the drive-thru. Then we could see there was yellow tape in front of the drive-thru. That worried us as last time they were closed their two teenage sons had a wreck on their way to open the restaurant and one was killed. On the way home from the ranch I could see a/c trucks parked along side the building. That explains everything. We can't survive here without our a/c and add that hot chile---. Some of the hay is baled and it looks so pretty. John had me get out of the truck so he could give me a lesson in hay. The second cutting will make more and better hay as it has more shoots coming out from being cut off. Never thought of that, never needed to know about hay. The first cutting is just one tall stalk. Humm The turtles were hungry but the fish slept in. Only one came up when I had almost depeleted my supply of bread. I gave them wheat bread today, they need to learn to eat healthy. They have the hay barn down. I must explain it wasn't the kind of barn you see in the northern states. It was more like a very large car port on very tall legs. Our weather is so different we don't have all the closed in barns here for hay or cattle. Reminds me of a house east of here that some people built. It looks like one of those big red barns. It is their house but it looks like a barn. It is going to be a hot one. In fact it is already hot and the humidity is high before noon. Have a good day.


madcobug said...

Bad about the Taco place closing and even worse about the boy getting killed in the wreck.
You sure are feeding those turtle more healthy.Glad that you explained about those hay barns. I was wondering if those people were doing that in order to get the old barn wood which as you probably know brings high $$$.
Have a nice weekend. Helen

Toon said...

I've never heard of breakfast tacos. They sound like something I would have eaten in my early 20s.

Sheila said...

It is hot here too, but not as hot as it's going to get. Hope the rest of the day and weekend goes well, Sheila

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I'm sooo glad your feeding healthy snacks to the turtles...nothing worse than a "Fat"


salemslot9 said...

your 'hello'
at the top
of your page
is always so friendly

garnett109 said...

got those poor turtles on a diet

jack69 said...

Yep, them turtles and fish need to eat healthy. Thanks for the explaination of the hay barn. Now I know what I am looking at when we drive to the mountains, there is one of those on the way.

Sorry about you guys Taco's but they will get underway as soon as the A/C is fixed, right? We have got to get down there and find out what your breakfast taco is like. We should be down ther in the Fall. LOL When it is cooler.

From NC
Sherry & Jack

Gerry said...

Raising hay is interesting. My dad would sometimes get a third cutting. These old farmers get to know a lot about their crops. My Grandfather King was very proud of his wild timothy while my dad specialized in alfalfa. Just think with all this knowledge you could be a farmer in your next life! Or maybe you will want a change and sing in the Opera!