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Monday, June 14, 2010

To Exercise or Not To Exercise?

That is not the question. I know I should, I intend to, I'm ready to go and then John says I'm going to the ranch, wanna go? Does a kid like candy? Of course I want to go. I can hear those cows and turtles calling my name. Have you ever tried to count bales of hay in the field? Its a little like trying to count cows except the hay doesn't move. We drove down the middle of the field and counted to the right and turned back and counted to the left. 105 and a half. You say a half? Guess the baler malfunctioned and spit out an incomplete one. Let the winter come now. I wish! We've had a wild turkey hen take up residence near the stock tank. We've seen her three times now. I almost fell on my butt twice this morning going down to the edge of the water. I had the perfect area to feed from but with the rains and the cows tromping around the area is rough. The catfish slept late again so I was almost out of food when they showed up. The area where the hay barn was has been all cleaned up and the brush from in front stacked to burn. They nailed down the tin on the roof of the old house so we're thinking they have changed their mind about tearing it down. We came home after paying Juan for the hay baling. Summer has arrived in south Texas.


Kay said...

I didn't walk this morning because 1) I was feeling a little dizzy and 2) the temperature got up there before I could get out. It's 96 degrees right now (2:25 pm).

Marty said...

Hmmm ... it sounds to me like your trips to the ranch also provide you with some exercise (almost like having your cake and working it off, too!).

jack69 said...

Yeah Paula, we all say we are going to exercise, but then there are the trips to do, shopping to take care of Blogs to read, etc. hahahahahahahah!
WE are glad you make it to the ranch, how else are we gonnba know about ranching?

But then, go exercise, I bet we get some good entries from that.
TAke care and count bales in your sleep!
From NC!

garnett109 said...

Stay out of the heat

Jimmy's Journal said...

Exercise is always good, but summer is not the best of times for starting. I was stationed at Fort Sam Houston during the summer of 1967 for combat medic training and the heat was horrible.


salemslot9 said...

turtle aerobics!

Shirl 72 said...

Some things are just more fun than exercising.
I do walk 2 day a week should be every day.
I don't look at my treadmill because its gives
me a guilt trip and may ruin the day. It is good for hangiing things on. My old one was good for holding two hanging flower baskets.
Dressed up the house. I may start tomorrow.
Will keep you posted.


Lucy said...

Believe me when I say we can always find something to do better than excercise . I am trying to get back to excercising my back and hips. I hate it.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

It's haying time in the high country, to see all the bales in the field allergies are going crazy!!


madcobug said...
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madcobug said...

Sounds like you got plenty of exercise doing that walking. Sorry about deleting that post but I had left out some words LOL. Helen

Missie said...

I wish I could exercise. I was told last week no more exercising until after surgery which is on Thursday. I'm feeling lazy! LOL

Toon said...

It got here fast didn't it? My memories of bailing hay are tainted by the number of snakes I encountered. No bites, but plenty of shot nerves.