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This Way To My Blog

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ginger Is Home

The owners of Ginger called early this morning to say Ginger has agreed to go to her new home. She is loaded in the trailer and ready to go, her bags are packed. We left in a rush expecting her to be pitching a fit. She was calm as a cucumber and smelled our hands. Guess we've been out there so many times she knows our scent. I followed behind and she was a good girl all the way. John had put one of the cows from across the road in the pens so she would have company. when he unloaded her they went to each other and sniffed. I know they knew each other as they lived across the road from each other and could see each other all time. The road is so narrow they could smell from that short distance I'm sure. Who knows maybe they always wished they could live on the same property. They may even have a cow slumber party tonight. They have water, cubes, and hay. We will go out late this afternoon just to check to see that everything is okay and tomorrow the two will be turned out with the herd with lots of new friends to meet.


garnett109 said...

A cow Slumber party , I'm In!

Donna said...

Welcome home, Ginger!

Jeannette said...

I am sure they will get on just fine. Lol at a cow slumber party, that would be something to see.

jack69 said...

I'm with Garnett!
What a happy ending, I know Ginger will like her new mama. You are the mama for all of them, right.
Hope you and John are happy with the new additions!

Lori said...

Good! Glad she finally cooperated!

Shirl 72 said...

I hope they have a welcoming party after
the slumber party. Young can do changes,
but me I am to old for change. Hope she will
tell us about her new friends.


Dar said...

Well, hallelujah, Ginger is finally home. She will be happy, and seems to have sensed she will be fine with her new surroundings...slumber party...LOL All cows should have them, they do on the movie, Back At The Barnyard. LOL
Have a great time getting to know Ginger.
All critters have such personalities, just like your turtles.

Lucy said...

I am happy that ginger is home and seems happy. A slumber party would be nice. They can stay up all night.

Toon said...

Just the mental image of a cow slumber party makes me smile.

Amanda said...

Hi Paula,
Hope all is well with you.That is to cute,having a slumber party.They have all there junk food.LOL.By the way,dont know if you got my last message,I wanted to have your email addy so I can add it to my Blog,I went private,I am going to be updating it soon.Send me your email addy please.Have a good day.

Gerry said...

I am sure glad Ginger is finally in her new home as I am sure she is going to love it once she gets used to the change. Some cows don't know when they are well off!