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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Kind Of Punishment???

The San Antonio news has announced there is an out break of mumps at the Bexas county jail. Well you know how the news media are. I think they said actually there are about five cases. They have seperated inmates and doing everything possible to keep mumps from spreading. I was just thinking as much as mumps hurt when you are grown and have them they could let that be a part of their punishment. Well just kidding maybe but it made me think of when I had them. Leah brought them home from school with one jaw. Wasn't long that I realized I was taking them. The first day I was hanging clothes out on the line and thinking oh this isn't too bad. WRONG! The second day I retracted that statement with a capital S. About that time Lynda came down with them on both sides. That poor girl had to fend for herself because I was too sick to help myself let alone her. Leah got well while we still had them and I was glad to send her back to school so I could just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. Wrong again. The school wouldn't let her stay there because she had only had them on one side but she never did take them on the other side. When Mel saw how sick they made me he high tailed it to the doctor and got an immunization against them which was a little pricey at that time. I just can't help but picture a jail full of inmates with the mumps but my soft side thinks I hope they get them stopped.


Dar said...

LOL...funny but not. It sounds like the perfect punishment to me, but then there might be an old fella in there that is there daily, ' just sleeping it off ', like Otis on the Andy Griffin Show that locked himself in each night.
My soft side hopes they get it under control too.
Have a fine weekend Paula.
Stay away from that jail.

jack69 said...

Hahahahaha. YOu paint a good picture.
They will probably release the majority so they don't get it. Knowing most will be back after the out break is over. "Out Break" ah ha! turn that around Break out!
Take care, I like this one also!

Fernan said...

Viva la Ginger's travels.

Jail house mumps in stead of jail house rock. Sure can't make the jailer's' jobs any easier.

How sweet it is.

jack69 said...

Came back just to say hi, from Michigan!
Don't ever worry about not being able to comment on our blog! These things have a mind of their own!

Toon said...

I've been lucky -- never even had chicken pox.

Lucy said...

I had mumps along with 3 of my kids, 2 didn't get them at all, lucky kids. They hurt and especially when you bent over to do something.

garnett109 said...

never had them, just the pox

Lori said...

I can remember how painful they were when I had them. I think I was seven or eight. They say it's worse for adults.