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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gone Fishin'

No not us, Ginger's human real mama and daddy. We decided to go out to visit them a few minutes and tell them how Ginger is doing. They have left lock, stock, and barrel. Their old camper home with a tarp over part of the roof. Old rusty pick-up, boat and lawn mower. They were true to their word. They wanted to move to the coast and live a life just fishin'. They will probably stay a couple years and we will hear from them they are back in this county looking for something to rent. Guess its all good if you can live without thinking of the future. We had checked on the cattle this morning. They weren't worried about the future either. Just chewing their cud or grazing on the green grass. Cows have a good life as long as it rains. Ginger and her pal were funny this morning. They are still staying together but some how they had been seperated by a fence. They didn't let that stop them from staying side by side. If one moved down the fence line the other moved on the other side. They will come to a gate eventually and get together on the same side of the fence.


jack69 said...

Yep, them folks are gypsies like us, but we ain't never had no cow to sell. Probably cause I'd probably ate it by now!

Hope they enjoy fishing. You know something, I would have never been able to do that before retirement, but I always admired anyone who done what they felt like doing without considering the future. I always had to see if there was something solid before I jumped.

I felt that folks were wrong, but they seemed to be happy.
Anyway I am glad Ginger and friend are home safe and still close friends.
From Mackinac Island area,
Sherry & Jack

Marty said...

Hmmm ... I guess they were just waiting to sell you that cow before hitting the road. Either that, or you paid them in Magic Beans and they've headed up the beanstalk!

Gerry said...

That's funny about the cows I mean staying close even when a fence divides them. I never realized cows could be such good friends! Your observing powers are very good!

garnett109 said...

happy august 1st

Lucy said...

I like Marty's thoughts best. My imagination is on leave.

Cindi said...

lol...those cows
come visit I have a new blog

Missie said...

I miss fishing. I find it very peaceful. Have a good week.

Toon said...

Maybe in my next lifetime I'll be independently wealthy and can just pick up and move like that.