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This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fill 'er Up

Yesterday morning as we drove over the tank dam we saw Ginger and her friend so John went back the the grain tank while I fed the turtles. He got cubes to special feed the two new girls on the block. They weren't too interested in them so they must not be accustomed to eating cubes. As we were driving off John looked down at the gas gauge and said we've got to get home we're out of gas. Its on empty. I know we just filled that tank and we haven't used 'ole blue that much. I always have to try to figure things out so I started going back. Remember I told you I've already punched the button? He likes that button punched when he fills with the mileage. Then the ranting started---someone has been stealing my gas at night. I told him you better run in to Charlotte and buy a few gallons to get us to Wal*Mart. Its too hot for two old people to be stranded on the side of the road. Between the ranch and Charlotte we ran in to construction where you have to wait for a pilot car to lead you. We're sitting on empty and waiting. Turned the motor and air off. Of course when we got to the convienence store I was elected to go in to pay for $5.00 worth. Too expensive to fill, as least John thinks so. When we rolled into Wal*Mart most of the pumps were blocked off. Had to wait again. When John got back into the truck he said it would only hold a few gallons. The gas gauge isn't working. All those poor people who were accused of stealing gas and all that hot air we endured while waiting for the pilot car. We knew it was going to be one of those days so we stayed inside the rest of the day.


Donna said...

Ha! You and John crack me up.

Dar said...

Now, how did I miss your last couple of posts?...shame on me. I sure gotya on the M&M's page. Why does a body gotta change so much so quickly.
That had to be unnerving, thinking the gas tank was sapped dry! I'm sure glad it all turned out O.K.
Sure has been hot here and so blasted humid, a person feels spongy.
Have a great week Paula.
Loveya, Dar

Lucy said...

Sounds like I have heard those words out of Joe's mouth. Nothing like a bohemian. Ya gotta love them.

Lori said...

Glad you made it to a gas station and didn't run out. It's way too hot for that.

Ally Lifewithally said...

glad as it was one of those days you decided to stay indoors ~ that was a very wise thing to do :O) Ally x

Dar said...

Paula, I love corn too...thanks for stopping by. So, would you mind sharing your recipe for Corn sounds as tho I must try some.

madcobug said...

Humm sounds like something my X used to say. Like who has been moving my tools around? My reply was" no one gets in that tool box but you" LOL. Good thing you didn't get out of gas. Good day to stay inside. Helen

Sheila said...

Glad you didn't run out of gas and that no one is stealing it..but bad that the gas gauge went out...I think I would have stayed home too...Stay cool, Sheila

garnett109 said...

my gauge don't work either

jack69 said...

Ah ha! I believe some one has intentionally messed withthe guage. Us Boys cannot be wrong!!!

Let me make you feel better, I grabbed the wrong pump today and paid $3.59 for diesel fuel. OUCH!

Sounds like John is even cheaper than I am, and I thought that was impossible!!! LOL

Dar said...

Thanks Paula, for the Corn Salad recipe. We are going to try it today.
Bill has an eye appt. today so we will be out and about most of it, on the road.
Have a great day. Thanks again.

Fernan said...

I could not help it. I had to laugh. I've gotten to carrying a two gallon gas can in Ugly's cargo box. That'll change if I should ever find a vessel to my liking that will fit inside the bit tool box without disrupting the fluids and tools I carry for flied use. No gas gauge, but two gas tanks, I've found myself wondering when did I last fill which one???

Gerry said...

I did have to smile at the conclusions John reached when he saw the gas gauge was empty. It would be only natural for a person to think that. Until it was proved otherwise. Always best to imagine the worst so it won't come as any surprise if suspicion holds up. Then you could have a good laugh and make us smile if there was some other explanation. My sister's gas gauge did not work for the longest time, so I was treated to running out of gas quite often on a jaunt with her when she miscalculated. I hope John is into getting his gauge fixed!