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Friday, August 20, 2010

Are You Talking To Me?

This cow stepped from behind the mesquite as if to say are you looking for me? We've been on a couple of country roads but nothing different. We still have enough water in the tanks if fall will come quickly. The land is starting to look parched and the sun flowers are dry and dead. The turtles are eager to eat as always. The renters stay inside under the A/C. They've added another couch to their front yard, makes the place look lovely. The water fawcet is broken so the metal tank is upside down and the ducks and geese have no place to swim. Poor things they enjoyed the swim while they could. Come to think of it I haven't noticed them in the back yard. Maybe they sold them. These people are traders. People started selling things on the lot of the cattle auction. It became so crowded the owner had to make a rule that they only sell on days that are not cattle auction day and the day before when cowboys are hauling cattle to be sold. Nice man to let them sell on his property without a fee. In other words no news from this end and I'm sure you don't want to hear about the heat.


Indigo said...

I can't stop chuckling about the couch in the front yard that makes the place look lovely. I've lived by people like that once upon a time. (Hugs)Indigo

Donna said...

Sounds a lot like our former renters.

jack69 said...

I put a comment on here and it ain't here!!!


I am so glad the renters picked the color couch you approve of. I am glad it looks 'lovely'.

A very good choice of words. The same with what that cow is thinking. Youhave a marvelous way with putting words in the cows mouth to match the look.

From Saint Joe, home of Jane Wyman (If you go back far enough to remember her!)

Toon said...

Hope you get some rain soon!

Missy said...

Yeah I hope you get some rain Ms. Paula and interesting outdoor decor your neighbors have chosen. ;)