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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Couch Fetish?

No I think it is more like a couch for each member of the family. Instead of chairs they have couches. This afternoon I went out to the ranch to take the air tank to John so he could put water in a trough for----Yes he bought four new cows. Just what he needs with this hot dry parched land. He had to ask the renters to let him use the electrical outlet in the garage of the rent house. When they opened the door to the garage but for what to wondering eyes should appear? Not one but two couches. There is one sectional (bad shape) piled on the side of the house. Two brown plastic type sitting in the yard. Now I would presume they have at least one couch in the living room. That is a lot of couches but I will say one thing they stick to earth tones.


Donna said...

Maybe they weren't originally earth tones. Maybe so much earth made contact with them that they changed color.

jack69 said...

Hey new cows!!! wow! I bet they wish they were up here in kansas. the grass is green and the cows are waist deep. Sherry always tells them they don't know how lucky they are.

As long as the couches match!!!!

Just wanted to send love from Russell Kansas, home of Bob Dole. We went by his house. It is a nice ranch style, onthe corner looks like about 1200 sq ft. Of course he and Liz don't live there. They are in a million dollar town house somewhere in Georgetown probably.
Sherry & jack in Kansas (Haven't seen Dorothy nor Toto.

barb said...

just caught up with you---love all your recent posts. that shelly marie is quite the lady! pregnant again!
we are still north. all set to have hip replaced in september. glad to get it over has been nice here this summer. have had quite a bit of rain--lots of lightning and thunder.i miss writing--but still have trouble with my hands---have to do one finger typing. grandson retyped all my journey posts into his computor and sent them to mine--so i haven't lost them after all. lucky i had printed them before J-land turned to google.
we still plan to leave minnesota after thanksgiving---if i am able to travel . we will stay at daughter's for awhile after surgery.
my nephew--age 48--from san antonio died this week. was the 2nd of my brothers 3 boys who died with heart trouble. if either of your girls are around that age they may have known him.barb

Lucy said...

Well someone should have a place to sit even if it is outside. You all have some doozy's.

Missy said...

LOL.. that is really funny. They love their couches I guess and at least they stick to earth toned colors lol


Toon said...

In any kind of city or even small town environment, they'd be fined.