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This Way To My Blog

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Facebook is telling me to find a friend on Friend Finder like blank and blank did. I hope the second blank found Jesus because she has been dead for almost a year. She was a good friend and I miss her very much but I'm sure she hasn't found a friend on Friend Finder.

One day we were at our favorite thrift store and we found a grocery cart full of sunglasses for sale so John bought a couple of pair. They weren't your ordinary run of the mill sunglasses. They would have been perfect for farmers in the days when they drove a tractor in the hot sun with no shade over top or a/c. John liked them so much when we went back they were not there. I'm thinking they ended up in the dumpster. They looked so funny I doubt many would buy them. They were like regular sunglasses but with a piece that came down to cover the nose and extend out some for longer noses I guess. Then they had rounded pieces made on that covered the tops of the ears. Somebody had a good idea but you get laughed at when you wear them. John wears them in the car and then takes them off when he goes inside any place. One day he went to pay the propane bill and the lady there had her small children with her who were out of school for summer vacation. The young boy ask John what do you have on? John said that is my sunglasses and he took them off and put his regular ones on. The little boy said I like those better. I must take a picture. I guarantee you will laugh.


jack69 said...

I love this entry. They pull up a name and put a sentence with it. I declare I do not know a couple that have been sent this way!

Anyway I'll bet the sunglasses would be great plowing without a cover. Of course they are funny, they sound like it. I guess John forgot, huh?

I forget my.... oh never mind!!!

Love from the smallest town in Colorado, it must be!
Sherry & Jack

Toon said...

I have a weird-looking pair of sunglasses that I only wear in the car -- except for when I forget and find myself wearing them in public, looking like a moron.

Barbara said...

Everyone else is on Facebook now...why should He be any different. ;o) As to the glasses, I fear the piece out over my nose would distract me.

Shirl 72 said...

Sunglasses sound very practicable. That is
the places that get sunburned first. Maybe
he can say he is from outer-space inspecting
the earth to see if he wants to live here.
I bet he looks cute in them. LOL


Missy said...

Yeah I have seen similar on Facebook and Myspace showing my dead sister just did this or that... umm I dont think so.

You must add a pic of those glasses.


Missie said...

Wanted to let you know that my blog's name and address has changed.

Lori said...

I'd love to see those glasses!

Lucy said...

I closed my face book account. It is so many people. My son is on there or was, that does not talk to me. You need to post a picture of those glasses.