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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turtle Love

You wouldn't believe this turtle has a pretty shell underneath all that muck. I still haven't tried to give them a shower. Johns says they won't let me. Well they might if he would give me enough time. Our memory was refreshed last night of the smell of rain. Only a little shower enough to mess the windshield but it smelled like real rain and it smelled good. We've been out to the ranch twice yesterday and once early this morning. Ginger and her pal and three of the new cows John just bought are missing but they do have lots of places to hide. The herd are scattered all over chasing pear apples and dry mesquite beans. The pear apples are the purple apples that grow on prickly pear. The cows love to eat both. The fourth new cow is a doll. She has taken to the herd and she is friendly to us, very tame. It has been hard to feed the turtles yesterday and today. The wind has been blowing and when I try to throw the food past the green slime along the tank edge the wind catches it and blows it back. John is mentioning selling Shelly Marie again but I don't answer on that subject. We did spot one little wild heifer but Ginger and her pal have learned to play more hide then seek. I wish her former owner would call from the coast so I could tell her what a little stinker her tame pet is being.


~mel said...

I just love you and your turtles! I bet if you took a watering can with a sprinkler end on it and poured it over them ~ they would tip their heads up in appreciation and smile and tell you how much they love you too!

salemslot9 said...

selective hearing
on Shelly Marie

jack69 said...

hahahahaha! So the pet isn't co-operating!
One day, yes, one day you are gonna show pictures of the turtles after a bath!

Must be a puzzzle to locate cows on that much land. I thought they would tend to bunch up.
Wonder if they get stuck getting the pear apples.

From Colorado Springs,
Sherry & Jack

Toon said...

Giving them a bath would be doing them a huge favor -- they need sunlight for vitamins and I doubt much is getting through that muck.

Dar said...

I love the way you tend to the turtles. You are a true nature girl. I would fall on deaf ears too at the mention of selling Shelly Marie. Maybe John will forget about it, seeing how much you love her. As for Ginger and pal, the little stinkers, is right on.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'd spray water on their shells and faces. Probably one or two quick paper towel wipes after that may begin the slow process.

Either way, I'm sure they'll be fine with your tender care.