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This Way To My Blog

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Incorrect Wording?

A lady invited me to go on a short trip with her in October and then she added I will help you pay for the gasoline. Duh! Whose trip is this and who is inviting whom? Of course I always pay my way and I'm glad to do it but---. I have an MRI, two doctor appointments, and blood work all on different days at that time so I think I will be buying my own gasoline.


Toon said...

If you were invited, she should assume most of the expense. That's what INVITING means. Maybe she should have rephrased it.

jack69 said...

Funny, sorta like someone inviting themselves to supper at your house. hahahahahaha

Yeah, most of the time it is better to buy yo0ur own gasoline!

From Colorado
Sherry & Jack

J said...

haha i have met people like that! terrible!

Hope all is well paula!

Lucy said...

I hate that. I got a call from the heart team and will be set up soon, as soon as they get my blood the right coagulation.

Donna said...

How rude! You don't invite somebody and then say you'll help THEM pay.

Sheila said...

Hi Paula, I am trying to get caught up on all my blogs finally...Hope you are staying cool. Take care, Sheila

Fernan said...

Yeah yup. a neighbor asked me to go along when he was going to TSC to buy a new engine for his lawn mower. Half way there he had me buy the gas. I did, but when we got back I let him have a piece of my mind. He gave me my money back and I haven't nothing to do with the cheapskate since.
And I yet haven’t caught onto space book or whatever. Been saying next winter? Even now I have my doubts. I’ll see. Could be simple enough, I’m happy in what little involvement I’m in.
Darn t, I haven’t seen a sunglasses sale for some time. Have found shades cheaper at grocery store than drugstore. Can’t find anything what fits at a dollar store. Oh well. Such is my luck. Pay dearly for I need them since my cataract surgery.

Dar said...

I guess it takes all kinds, but that's just rude.
My prayers are withya for all of those important appointments. Stay healthy and happy Paula.