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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Audience For Breakfast

We headed east to Poth early this morning to buy protien tubs for the cows. I didn't like putting that heavy load on Ole Blue, my ex-truck. It is starting to get scratches and little dents, but thats John. Pretty is not important to him. When we finished (heavy on the we, not) putting the tubs out John discovered Butter had her baby. While we were ohhing and awwing over it the cattle knocked my coffee over in the bed of the truck. as we ate our breakfast tacos on the bed of the truck the cattle gathered around us and stared at us while we ate. Made me feel guilty. While we were out I decided to name the new calm cow Christine. She is solid white and someone has cut her heavy thick horns off to about five inches long. She is just calm and stands around watching us. John mentioned he needs to sell Shelly Marie soon so I said well I guess Christine can take her place. Then he added I guess I can let her have one more calf. That will be this winter. We looked for Ginger and her pal but couldn't find them but John said they were with the herd yesterday when I wasn't with him. We have started calling them the Leming Girls as they were born in a little community between here and San Antonio named Leming. John thinks they stay in the dry creek bed where there is a little muddy water left from the last rain. He says they probably rather drink muddy water then deal with other cows pushing and shoving since they grew up alone. Fresh out of bed and still half asleep I forgot the turtle food. Guess they will forgive me this time since they were surviving before I started feeding them.


Jimmy's Journal said...

I think Christine is a good name for the little calf.


jack69 said...

I think having an audience is great. After all you drove to Poth to get the protein tubs for them!!! Did you have taco's? Figures. We have got to try one of those. We'll meet you at the cattle tank for breakfast!

We like the tales from the tailgate or bed of the pickup. I would like a picture of that!!!!

Take care,
From Up in Colorado
Sherry & Jack

Donna said...

I'd love to see your cows. Especially when they've had babies. I'd REALLY love to meet Shelly Marie.

salemslot9 said...

we always like
to see if
'Rockfish' eats a
taco on the
tv show
The Rockford Files

Lisa said...

I think that is a nice name for the new calf and would love to see a birth sometime!! I do love breakfast burritos and every now and again I make them at my home to remember my time in San Antonio where my first son was born.
Lisa in Kentucky

Lori said...

Glad Shelly Marie is safe for another season!