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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hummingbird Hotel

The hummingbirds that come here think we are a hotel and restaurant. They know they have a reservation every year on March 15th and that is when they arrive right on time. They hang around for a while and then they leave for a while. They probably go farther north where they find more flowers and then they come back. They left earlier this year and have been gone for a few weeks. I wondered if they would come by to say bye bye. I thought they would and I hoped they would. Yesterday I saw one around my Lantana bush so I hurried to clean the feeders and refill with the nectar waiting in the fridge. I expect they will hang around a few days and be gone for the winter. The hummingbird hotel and restaurant will reopen March 15th 2011.


Dar said...

Funny, you are pulling your feeder out and I just cleaned and put mine away. The hummers must be migrating south already because I haven't seen one since the cold spell hit last week. Your area must be a resting place before flying over the seas to warmer climates. I hope they stick around your feeders for you to enjoy awhile.
Now, I have to go read your entries for the past two weeks...

jack69 said...

I am glead the price is right for the tourists. They sure are fun to watch, when we set down roots long enough.
Good on YOu lady!
From Idaho

Lucy said...

I love the hummingbirds. We only had them for a few days and then they were gone.

Donna said...

They are demanding little brats, aren't they? My population is now dwindling; they are definitely headed south.

Marty said...

Thanks for the heads-up ... I'll start watching for hummingbirds!

Toon said...

I never see them around here -- maybe there's too much competition from all the other crazy wildlife.