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Saturday, September 11, 2010

On The Trail Of---

A zester. I'm not even sure how to spell it and I sure don't know what it looks like or exactly how you use it. I think it is to get that white stuff out of the skin of lemons to use in cooking. Yes I know its pitiful at my age to not know something like this but I'm being honest. The reason I'm looking for a zester is we have a young neighbor who likes to cook and bake a lot. She is a single mother who moved back in with her parents. She often brings John and I desserts that she makes. The last was lemon cookies and they were soft and good and even better the next day. It talking she told me she needs a zester and I ask her how much one would cost. She said about $15.00 but when she has the money there is always something her little daughter needs. So today when I was at Wal*Mar I decided to buy her a zester. I looked with the kitchen utensels not knowing what I was looking for. Of course there is never a clerk around when you need one. I looked very carefully and read on each utensel but no luck. Something else I don't know about is swiss chard. Not sure how if that is one word or two. Don't know what it looks like or tastes like. Jack wrote something about swiss chard in his blog today and made me realize I don't know anything about swiss chard. Humm


jack69 said...

There is no telling what I said in today's entry. I was successful after three tires to get part on, then edited twice to finish. I was talking about 'chard'. Cher had put some up for the winter. It is a vegetable, a green leafy one.

anyway I have no idea that a zester is but I just looked it up:

a small utensil with a row of tiny sharpened holes or edges at its tip for cutting strips of zest from oranges, lemons, or other citrus fruits.

Of course I still don't know what it is, not being a cook. Well a real cook. I play at making soups.

Good entry, you are a nice lady!
Love from Idaho (we had a snoball fight today!! but I already told the world that! We went to see the Grand Tetons for one last time, I think. They are indeed Grand.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

An old fashioned 4 sides grater should have a side with the right size holes to zest lemon! I know what swiss chard is but I don't eat it!

salemslot9 said...

swiss chard = 2 words (like you said)
similar to spinach and beets with a flavor that is bitter, pungent and slightly salty
its season runs from June through August

I haven't tried it , yet

I've seen folks on tv
carefully cut the skin off citrus fruit
with a sharp paring knife
without cutting down to the pith
the pith is the white part
between the skin & flesh
pith is bitter

I guess a zester
is more handy
a grater or rasp would do

Lucy said...

I was doing the same thing but I knew Swiss chard sounds awful, and you could use a grater for the lemon would work.

Lucy said...

I forgot to tell you I deleted all my blogs but What is left of new life. It was my main one.

Rose said...

I try and stick with the simple stuff if it can't be done with the basics it don't get cooked!

Carlene Noggle said...

HEY PAULA...Remember the old tin graters?? well the smaller sides of one is like a zester... you can find them at Walmart..they are shiny silver and usually flat and oblong with what looks like little grater stubs on them. Here is a link to a photo of them.


Toon said...

I guess if Walmart doesn't have it, you'll have to look for a specialty store or online.

Sheila said...

Looks like you got a lot of good advice on zesters and 'chard' so I'll just say Hi, and hope you have a nice week, Sheila

Jimmy's Journal said...

A jester is one who performs in front of royalty to amuse them. A zester is his out-of-work cousin who speaks with a lisp.

A Swiss Chard is one of those guys who protect the Pope.......


Martha (MM) said...

You are so cute Paula - and Jimmy is so funny! Zesters are kind of hard to explain but you can google them to see what they look like. I just use a grater and I think a lot of others do too. I know what chard is and even tried to grow it (unsuccessfully) but I've never tried it!

Fernan said...

swiss chard:
My great aunt Nellie planted this late summer and harvested it all winter long. It was of some importance to her and her mother, likely going back to the 1800's. Only thing I can think of was its beneficial consumption to ward off scurvy?
I think I remember it being a funny tasting fresh salad the leaves washed, ripped up into small pieces and covered with vinegar and oil.

Leilani Lee said...

Ah well... I know nothing about zesters -- although I have used the fine screen on my old metal grater to zest a lemon. But I do know about Swiss chard and it is very good cooked. I have tried to grow it here in Missouri but it would not grow.

Anonymous said...

<~not a real cook either, can't help.

Maria said...

I got mine at Target and it certainly was not 15 bucks. Look up "OXO lemon zester" on Amazon. Your neighbor is most probably a better cook than me so maybe there are fancier zesters out there. OXOs are comfortable to use though.

Anonymous said...

blast it all Paula...I had a great comment to you and the blog and how I missed you etc etc etc...and how we needed the rain...and sorry for not coming around your blog...and the cows...and Shelly getting another year...and the turtles...and the houses...and burying a house...sheesh...only in Texas can y0u do such...and then when I went to sent it off to you...blast it...where did it go...well if you get is your lucky day and hugs to you both....