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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Storm Moved Through

The storm moved through from Brownsville. Some wind and quite a bit of rain but no damage that I know of. Susie knew something was brewing, she got very nervous so I offered to let her walk through the house to the garage door and she was happy. She hasn't been in there since last winter. Don't worry she has all the comforts of home in there. A bed, litter box, scratching post and I gave her fresh water and food. She stayed in there until the storm was over then she was ready to be an outside cat again. Yesterday on the way from the ranch we decided to try a country road we had never been down. It was always rough or muddy when it rained. It goes around behind John's daughter's house and we were quite surprised how it circles around and has been repaired. Quite an interesting little drive with only a few houses scattered and built up next to the brush. One house has its clothes line in front and another has out buildings in front. One house is built with the main part an A-frame and built on to each side. Kind of different. One ranch had a sign El Campo Real. We couldn't remember what real means so I had to find my English/ Spanish dicitionary. It means royal, army camp, or fair ground. I would think they meant Royal Camp and then again maybe they think of it as their fair ground. Neverless it was hid in the brush what ever it is.


Lisa said...

So glad that Susie the cat had a safe place to hide during the storm. I do love a good storm. The one that came through here about two weeks ago left a lot of damage. We had lots of tree limbs down and I lost a few more ceramic flower pots.
Lisa in Kentucky

madcobug said...

Glad that the storm didn't do any damage. Glad that Susie was safe. Helen

jack69 said...

Good that the storm had lost its fury by the time it got there.
There are many studies of why animals can sense bad weather, most agree they are sensitive to the relative air pressure. But who knows. Susie knew something was amiss.
From Utah for the last comment.
Next area is Idaho

Toon said...

It's on its way here...

Gerry said...

Glad the storm passed through without major damage. My sister Ann posted a red cow eating flowers on her blog KanyonlandKing. She is the only other blogger I know who takes an interest in cows. I love your header.