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Monday, September 6, 2010

Nowhere Else But South Texas

On our way out this morning we noticed another deer proof fence going up down and across from the ranch. There is already one on one side that prevents the deer from moving from their place to John's leased ranch. In the very near future we won't even see deer crossing the road. People think if they own or lease land the wildlife on it belongs to them. The hunter on the place where John's daughter lives called for the second time to say someone is damaging his deer feeders. Someone evidently wants to discourage the deer from eating there and going to their feeders. They have gone so far as to stuff paper into the wheel where it won't turn to drop the corn to the ground. After much discussion and talk to the game warden and the sheriff's department a plan is in motion to catch the guilty parties. They are crossing fences to private property to do this so it needs to be stopped as it isn't as if the hunter is harvesting a lot of deer. He doesn't even live near here and only comes for a week-end to hunt and relax on occasion. We made two trips to the ranch today and I find the cows are trying to take over my turtle feeding spot. One cow was in the water and the turtles feeling the vibration of the truck on the tank dam had come up to eat. The cow was staring at the turtles as if to say what are you doing swimming in my drinking water? I think the turtles were answering and what are you doing drinking out of our swimming pool?


Donna said...

Pauline, I wish we were neighbors; we could have so much fun comparing our animal stories. John and Cliff could go look at tractors or something.

jack69 said...

I am amazed at how you and the Blueridgeboomer know what these animals are sying. LOL
I was amazed to learn that there are no public lands in Texas. Most states have public lands where the non-land owner can hunt with a state hunting license.

So the cows are taking your feeding spot. I am sure you will work it out, hey don't even think about taking them home!!!! John will draw the line.

Glad you guys are out and about. The weather is getting cool up here in Utah, we had heat on last night.
From Northern Utah,
Sherry & Jack

jack69 said...

BTW love the cow and calves shot above!!!

Paula said...

Jack I think there used to be state owned land that worked like a lottery where people could hunt if they won. I'm not sure of this as we never had a problem as we could always hunt on Mel's grandmother's place west of San Antonio which is in the city now. There may be still places like this but I don't know about it.

salemslot9 said...

cows and turtles


you're so funny, Paula

Toon said...

I hope they catch those idiots.

Anonymous said...

The hunter wants the deer around so he can shoot them? Am I misunderstanding this?


Cher' Shots said...

Who can help but to love animals and nature? It just seems odd to me when people say something like they don't like birds or trees. But then again, I love all animals and anything outdoorsy. Great pic of the cow and calves.

Shirl 72 said...

How mean can a person be to enter someones
property and take food from beautiful animals.
I hope they get caught.

I talk to animals I think they understand. I
even told the snake I was getting ready to end
its life.

Paula you are right it makes me have the willies
to think a snake would get in the house.
That is the reason the plants I had moved in
went right back out. This was a small pot I
had left under the deck with a small amount of
dirt. I only have the nerve to attach them when
they are small and then I am about 4 ft. away.


Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula I loved this entry ~ Hope the turtles arn,t too upset about having to share their swimming pool:O) ~ Ally x

madcobug said...

That person who is stopping the deer is just trying to hoard them for his and his friends hunting pleasure this winter. Love that header picture. Helen

Paula said...

Mary the suspected man is not trying to save the deer. He is trying to get them to come to his feeders.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

They sell wildlife cameras and they can catch who ever is destroying the feeders! Feeding deer up here is illegal. Something about a disease that can be transmitted.