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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Animal Habits

I have ants living in my ivy plant in the dining room. Now I want to know what they are living on since I have them in jail. They can't go anywhere. I sat the ivy container on a small stool and put each leg on a sticky trap. I water the ivy about once a week and they come out on the metal rim and go 'round and 'round. When the water dries up a little they go back in to the dirt not be seen again. Do you think they are slowly eating the roots of my ivy? It looks very healthy. It was the one the renters left in the garage when they moved and it was only about three pitiful leaves stuck in a bottle of stinky water. I planted it in a metal container and put it in the north window and it has flourished. Hummm I wonder.
One day last week when we were on a parking lot in San Antonio we saw a pigeon on top of a car with a large piece of donut. It looked like it's load was so bulky it didn't know what to do or which way to fly. Then we saw a flock of them eating on the pavement and we had to walk past them. They were so tame they didn't even fly away. I noticed some had red feet and legs and some were black. What is that all about? I know I could research these things but I have other things to do. Dishes to wash, turtles to feed, Pogo badges to earn.
Ginger and her pal have become friendly to us but they still stay away from the herd. They are so cute walking side by side. I can just imagine the conversation they are having. Did you see that good lookin' bull, I think he smiled at me. Oh Ginger keep walking he doesn't even have a job.


jack69 said...

Neat job of jailing the ants. I guess they are out going out to dinner!

I love a person who can decipher cow talk!!!!

From up in Utah,
Sherry & jack

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Do you think the animals talk about the same way we talk about them...!!??....something to ponder..!!


Ally Lifewithally said...

Paula we have ants in our Mail box ~ I hope they don't read my mail before I do :O) ~ Ally x

Lori said...

Have no idea what to tell you about the ants or about the pigeons!

Sheila said... that a conundrum? Have a great week, hope your Labor Day weekend was nice, Sheila

~mel said...

Sounds like you have the ant situation under control. The plants happy ... the ants have no choice in the matter because they are being held hostage. Now about the color of the pigeon legs ~ no different than different colored chicken legs. My mom and I were talking about that earlier this summer. She had the same breed chickens with different colored legs. Domesticated turkeys have that too I guess. Interesting.

Toon said...

I imagine the ants will waving a tiny white flag eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am almost certain that cow talk is much more interesting then average people-talk.
And animals don't seem to feel guilty about not accomplishing enough in a day. I could use some of that. ~Mary