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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cows Resting In Their Plate

My goodness I didn't know cows could be so lazy. John turned the cattle in to the hay grazer field that is a second growth. There was no reason to bale the second growth as there was so much hay made in the spring it couldn't be sold so he closed it off until needed and that is now. We went out to check on the cattle and there they were you might say resting in their plate of food. When they get ready to eat again all they have to do is stand up. They are even too lazy to walk to the stock tank to drink. They are drinking the muddy water in the dry creek bed. We stopped to special feed some of the poorer cows when we could catch them alone so others wouldn't take it away. Shelly Marie was one of those and she knows it. No teeth and with calf. John said he has never kept one of her calves but he might this time. I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday I know he wants me to fall for another cow so he can sell Shelly Marie at auction. We saw a big flock of wild turkeys along the dry creek bed but over the fence in the banker's property. The banker got a little upset when we used to trap wild hogs. They were just coming in to our area and he thought we were going to trap them out. Fat chance of that they are still going strong. The farmers and ranchers wish someone could trap them out. Meaning get rid of them completely. It was a nice day in south texas today. The sun was shining, of course it was dry, and a gentle breeze blowing. John said it was a perfect day to thrash peanuts.


Gerry said...

I wouldn't know about thrashing peanuts. I never thrashed any. You can never tell what these old ranchers have done in their time. I would hate to say good-bye to Shelly Marie. I never loved a cow like I did Grandma. She was the only Jersey milk cow we ever had and her milk was nearly pure cream, while those red milk cows would hardly give you a good skim you could work up into whipped. She got in the garden and my dad said eating cabbage probably killed her. He bought her to the auction. Did you ever hear of cabbage apt to kill a cow? Do any cows ever bloat from getting into the green alfalfa in Texas? My dad would cut his third crop no matter what. But he loved his alfalfa hay.

jack69 said...

Okay, we have been missing the contry tales. This is a good one except the hint about Shellie marie. I know the cows like the idea of have good food anythere within reach.

Good lead in picture.

Take care, good post.

shirl72 said...

Hope the turtles are doing OK. Shelly Marie
sounds so sweet. Please keep her because
she needs your special attention. We are having
strange weather warm during the day and cold
at night. It is raining today and windy.
I don't know about thrashing peanuts. I buy mine in a can. HEE HEE.


Toon said...

There are certain people I'd like to "trap out"!

Anonymous said...

Never thrashed peanuts but I've roasted chestnuts.
Oh, I don't think you will feel for another exactly the same as you feel for SM.
If John wants to keep home life pleasant, he'd better get over that idea.

Lisa said...

If you trap out a wild hog I was wondering if it edible for bacon and ham etc. LOL what toon said about trapping out certain people. Funny!

Dar said...

Poor ol Shelly Marie is getting up there if her teeth are gone. It gets hard for cows to even chew their cud without teeth. Is she loosing weight? I hope John keeps her calf AND Shelly Marie. I love her name.
As for the laziness of cows, they don't have much of a care in the world do they, but they sure are good Mamas., for the most part.
Have fun shaking those peanuts out of their hulls.

Lori said...

I hope Shelly Marie stays around for a long time!! I've never actually been lazy enough to "lie down" in my plate, but I have almost gone to sleep at my plate before.

Marty said...

Oh, to be a Lazy Cow. No worries, nothing to do but eat and relax. Of course, it might be best to be a cow in India ...

Fernan said...

Lazy? Lazy!
I get a buzz out of watching them those times they're all looking and waiting each other out for one of them to go sampling. If its good to her here come the rest of them as though it were all their idea.
OR, let one lady find something scrumptious, enjoying it, suddenly the rest of them want in on it!