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Friday, December 3, 2010

Vintage Potato Cakes On My Vintage Stove

The day after Thanksgiving my son-in-law made potato cakes from the left over mashed potatos. Humm good but no onions so my mouth has been watering since, wanting to make my own. I went overboard on the potatoes because I was afraid John would eat too many potatoes and I wouldn't have any left to make the potato cakes. I'm still eating left over potato cakes. I'm calling them vintage because it has been years since I made them. I'm calling my cook stove vintage because it is. My cook stove is at least 28 years old and maybe older. Just to let you know how old it is, the color is tawny gold. I call it harvest gold but I think that was Montgomery Ward's color at that time and mine is a Kenmore (Sears). While I was cooking that big stack of potato cakes I had plenty of time to think and ponder. I was wondering if I am the only one who still cooks and washes and dryes clothes on a tawny gold appliance? I remembered the joyous day when I finally had all matching appliances but now I'm back to a white refrigerator because that is the only tawny gold appliance of mine that bit the dust and John doesn't understand the importance of having matching appliances. Thats what I get for taking up with a retired peanut farmer.


Donna said...

I want onions in my potato cakes too! Of course, I seldom make them because Cliff and I shouldn't have them. But I do love them.

Toon said...

BAck then the colors were "harvest gold", "avocado green" and a brown I can't remember what they called. My mom's was the brown one.

moni said...

Toon, not brown...Coppertone! I love the pastels. Homes were being built in California with pretty matching pastel colors for all appliances.

gina said...

I'm sorry I missed those potato cakes, but glad I got to visit with you this Thanksgiving!!

jack69 said...

The potato cakes sound delicious, been a long time, vintage? maybe? (me!)

matching appliances we had Green or avacado. I built a new house for us and Sherry wanted another green sink, they had quit making them years before. I found a new one at a flea mkt and installed it. The green refer had died and I got white. During the move I dropped it off at a auto paint shop and had it painted Green. We were both happy.
Then later when we moved, the listing agent said, Sir, if you want this house to sell you need to change that sink!!!! I did, not everyone likes green. ha! In our Motor home nothing matches, we have a wood tone refer, Black stove and stainless sink.
We don't qualify for a 'yes' on the question.What was the question?

Sheila said...

Mom still has a 'gold' fridge and freezer but the stove gave out a year or two ago. Things don't last like they used too. Have a great weekend, Sheila

Dar said...

I had a white fridg, wanted a bronzed one, so I painted it with metal paint. It lasted for years and didn't even show the kids fingerprints.
I also had an avacado green stove and frig in my first house. I wonder if they are still there. In the basement, was an antique turquoise wood cook stove. Gee, would I ever love to have that in my home today. Thanks for the memories.

About those potato cakes, onions all the way.
Now I have to make potato pancakes for breakfast, can't wait.

salemslot9 said...

I've never made
potato pancakes
but, I'm going
to try the
next time we
have mashed potats
yes, potats
like tomats

Paula said...

To Lisa or anyone who wants to make the potato cakes add a little flour so they will hold together and the onion and black pepper make them good. Also I beat an egg and add in. Get your skillet hot and let the first side get good and brown because they are delicate to turn with a pancake turner.

Gerry said...

I have got a thing about matching, but I never went for matching appliances. It drives Doc crazy when I say take off that shirt and put on another one that matches me. He does not always recognize a shirt that better matches mine. Just mention matching to him and he kind of protests. But I hate couples that don't look like they match.