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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Specs--One Very Large Walk-In Closet

When a house is built in south Texas the builder should be required to build one very large walk-in closet in each house. It is impossible to put seasonal clothes away. One day of winter and then three of summer. Mother nature must be having a good laugh at us folding that blanket and then getting it out again. I see people at Wal*Mart trying to convince themselves that it is winter. Pretty long sleeve sweaters and boots. I would sweat those clothes up in fifteen minutes. Excuse me a lady doesn't sweat, she prespires. I love winter clothes but where to keep them until that one winter day. Actually it is more like one winter morning and as the day progresses it gets warm. I was amazed several years ago when I went to a zoo in Illinois to see all the buildings for the animals and the barns for the cattle. I think John's cows would be depressed to have to stay in a barn. I wonder how you get on one of those house make-over shows. I need a large walk-in closet to put summer clothes on one side and winter clothes on the other. The weather man says winter is coming again late today guess I better go figure it out. I know someone is going to tell me to layer it. Yes but I still have to have a place to keep those clothes. One large walk-in closet would do nicely.


jack69 said...

I thought at first this was about a short walk in a long closet. HA!
You did scare me though with that talk about sweating, because my mama told me years ago that a lady prespired, I got it mixed up with expired, so she let me say sweat! hahahah

Talk to John about the closet, Hey, get an 8'x8' storage building and move it up beside your window, knock out the window, get a big caulking gun,....... oh well, maybe you better contact the 'House make over people!'.

Take care, Winter will be gone soon! ha!

madcobug said...

It's going to turn a lot colder here this weekend and next week. I think Jack has a pretty good idea on a big closet. I have seen little additional rooms where people put hot water heaters in cabins. Enjoy your weekend. Helen

Marty said...

I see what you mean. You can't exactly put the winter clothes in deep storage if it gets cold every now and then. And I'm sure you want to keep the clothing handy. It sounds like a real dilemma!

Melanie said...

NO NO NO.......WE don't sweat or perspire.....we "GLISTEN"

lOL I'd love a walk in closet


Melanie said...

P.S. just friend requested you on face book!


Dar said...

Totes, totes work just fine for transporting one season to the next...but then, I wouldn't be so lucky as to have ONE day of winter here in deep freeze WI.where winter lasts 6 months. I call 20 degrees a heat wave. Have a warm winter, Paula. I will be thinking of you and my sis in warm TX as I put on my longjohns, a turtleneck, a sweater, a vest and then finally my down jacket with a scarf, headband and hat and warm woolen mittens. I think we should both ask for a walk-in closet. LOL Have a great day.