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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Called?

This cow stepped out of the trees and looked at us as if she was saying you called? John always calls Poth to see if the have the feed he wants before we drove over about 30 miles. They always have it. Well guess what today he didn't call and guess what they didn't have all of it. Since we drove so far they let us drive up the road to the mill and they loaded the four tubs of molassas with the three sacks of cubes on ole blue. I ask him why he didn't take the work truck. He said I've told you four times because ole blue doesn't have a tool box on it and they can distribute the heavy load more evenly. Wellll I still don't understand abusing a pretty truck. The ducks and geese are not at all bashful and they are down right hogish. Poor turtles doesn't stand a chance these days. The green slime has all blown over to my feeding spot and the geese didn't like it at all. They would dive down into the water then come straight up shaking the water and green off their backs and complaining all the time. The land and foliage look dry and ugly and it hasn't even been that cold here yet.


Lisa said...

I love the picture with her peeking out from the trees. Sounds like the turtles are going to have to get a little clever if they want their meals. It's been unusually warm and the grass is turning green again!

jack69 said...

Isn't it funny how the odds are that there is no need to call, BUT....
I have seen that happen more times than I would like to admit.

Good shot of the cow, amazing how you can read cow minds. hahahahahahaha!

Eventually the Turtles will figure something!!

Marty said...

I think if a cow popped out from behind a tree like that in my neighborhood, all hell would break loose!

Toon said...

Yeah...November is one ugly month. "Pretty" doesn't come back until March.

Ally Lifewithally said...

Love the picture of the cow peeking out of the trees ~ Hope the Turtles figure out how to get some feed ~ Ally x

garnett109 said...

great pic thanks