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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You Parch Or Roast?

We live in peanut growing country although there are not as many crops planted as used to be due to the damage the wild hogs make and the stoppage of grovernment programs. John used to be a peanut farmer so he likes to drive by the fields to check to see if the farmer who is farming the land he leased is doing it correctly. We even stop so he can pull up a plant and check it closely. You guessed it, that man usually isn't doing it right. We met several big trucks loaded with peanuts heading for the peanut company on the edge of town. That made me think of the conversation we had with a younger person last year. We were talking of parching some peanuts so that made a puzzled look on his face and he ask why we call it parching. With the way we were raised in the country talk mode I started doubting myself. I got out my trusty dictionary and sure enough the word Parch is there meaning to toast under dry heat. John had a feeling of de-ja-vue when we made a trip to the peanut company outside of town. We paid $7.00 for a bag of shelled peanuts when a trip to this company used to get him a large check for selling the peanuts he raised. We went home and parched a pan full in the oven and they sure were good.


Toon said...

I once accidentally bought some unsalted roasted peanuts and almost cried.

salemslot9 said...

haven't done either
once, my John accidently bought a bag of uncooked peanuts in the shell
we gave the squirrels all of those
we do roast pumpkin seeds, though

salemslot9 said...

my John cooks chestnuts
in the microwave

jack69 said...

WE PARCH'EM! My dad was a p-nut farmer when he & mom first got married in North Georgia. He loved parched p-nuts until he died.
But he could make a mess with the shells.

We've parched them in the oven, over the fire in a fire place and over a camp fire.
P-nuts, I love 'em.
(We do a lot of boiled p-nuts too, but preferred the Parched.)

Lisa said...

I had to laugh when you said the farmer wasn't doing it right. Never heard of parching peanuts. I know Mr Peanut though...has he been parched?

Lori said...

I grew up referring to them as roasted, but I'm not from peanut growing country. Thomas is from Alabama, and he used to eat boiled peanuts and wishes you could get them up here.

Barbara said...

We parch 'em in a slow oven still in the shell. Every hour you shell one or two and taste test to see if they are ready. Pete's cousin Janie used to shell out peanuts, get the red skins off, until she had a cupful. Then she'd grate them and put them in custard and make a puddin, just like banana puddin. Great stuff!