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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do You Know What A Claw Hammer Is?

Do I know what chocolate is? Of course I know what a claw hammer is. John always gives me the hard jobs. Do you know what a claw hammer is? Get the claw hammer, get the pliers, take these rusty nails. John utilizes everything so he has a small trailer made from part of an old trailer house. The flooring has rotted in places so he was tearing the old out today and sawing boards to replace. He feeds in old bathtubs and lavatories and puts mineral blocks in old wheels. I haven't seen him use a toilet yet. The cow yard doesn't look so neat but I don't hear the cattle complaining.


jack69 said...

A very conservative man your John. some would say cheap, but since I have worked now for a few weeks and have bought no matterials, I have been pulling nails dragging old lumber and sawing off the rotted parts to use the good, I will say Conservative, however I am cheap!!!

You are a worker, like Sheila up in Winston. YOu go Girl.

Donna said...

Oh yes, Cliff taught me long ago. I also know what a ball peen hammer is... it's the other kind that isn't a claw hammer.

Old toilets make good flowerpots.

Gerry said...

A claw hammer is an absolutely essential tool to a frugal rancher. I wonder if they are all that way? Frugal that is. But I love recycling stuff, as you really did have to rebuild and make do when the roads were so bad and hauling freight from far away places just wouldn't do, too expensive! John would fit right in among the folks I used to know down on the farm or the ranch.

salemslot9 said...

I see a
recycled toilet in
your future...


nothing wrong with that!

Sheila said...

Hi Paula, yes I was proud of myself, fixing my dryer. Love the Riverwalk picture...miss it sometimes. We are getting some more snow, we have a good dusting on the ground and cars. Take care, Sheila

REGINA said...

OH MY FRIEND.....i have missed you and your wonderfully written blog. thank you for stopping by mine and commenting. and you don't have to be politically correct for me.....i ate a real hardcore turkey for thanksgiving, and having a hog for christmas, lol. i hope to get caught up with your blog while i am here and have a wifi connection. when i go back home i won't have a connection. and yes, i know what a claw hammer is, as well as a ball peen hammer. my father wanted a boy....he got me...and i had 2 husbands leave me, so i learned a lot over the years.......


Toon said...

Pulling out old nails is one of those tasks nobody wants to do. My dad had me doing that a lot.

moni said...

Awww Pauline, you make me miss Texas! Of course I know what a claw hammer is and Texans know everything, right!:)

~mel said...

You're like we are ... been recycling before we even knew what it meant to recycle. My Dad was a magician when it came to improvising ~ he could make something out of nothing!

Fernan said...

Locked out-a my barn by a frozen lock all my tools also locked inside the barn I had to use the woodstove poker to pry open a door I had just nail shut just a couple weeks ago wit a claw hammer.
I've now a claw hammer under the woodstove and another on the truck's floor.

The very idea Mother Nature Locking me out of my own barn freezing the lock when I wasn't looking.


Its pretty bad when a boy can't trust his mother?

:^) :^)

Lucy said...

Pauline, I missed reading your blog. I thought you were talking about Joe! I am back ans nothing is going to keep me from commenting and reading blogs.

shirl72 said...

I have a tool drawer in my kitchen, couldn't do
without them. There is a claw hammer in there.
I have help do lots of jobs. Jack's son even
had me on the top of my two story house measuring
something. I cleaned gutters out this week.I am
getting to the age I am going to stop climbing
ladders. Do job that only required staying
on the ground. Sherry and I help Jack renovate
his Grandson's apt. He tells us we can add
that to our resume'. We are both retired Secretaries. LOL


Marty said...

Hmmm ... I'm surprised to say that I do, indeed, know what a claw hammer is. I don't use one very often, but at least I know what it is.

Lisa said...

I don't think I know what a claw hammer is but if I saw one I might know. Love the new photo of San Antonio riverwalk. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it.... brought back memories of the city where Nick was born!! It sure is amazing at Christmas time.