This Way To My Blog

This Way To My Blog

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I Did Today

Received my free coach light bird feeder I earned answering online surveys.
Cashed in my online coupon from the Blizzard club for a buy a blizzard and get one free. No I didn't eat them both only half of one.
Had biscotti with my coffee while talking baby talk to Shelly Marie.
Started reading "The Christmas Spirit" by Joel Osteen.
Sat on my front porch and watched a cardinal couple flitting in my tree.
Cleanned three nest from the bottom of three gutters. What do you think stuffed those leaves up there? They didn't fall from the top because my trees are not that tall or close to the house.
Fried spicy spam to go with left over corn salad. Whew that stuff is hot.
Wore short sleeves while getting out long sleeves for the next cool front.


jack69 said...

Hey lady, I like your day especially the Blizzard and talking baby talk to Shellie Marie!!!!

Must be nice to sit on the porch and watch birds!!

Love from NC

Jon said...

I would have definitely eaten both Blizzards - - but, then, I'm a Dairy Queen pig....

madcobug said...

Sounds like your day was a great one. Helen

madcobug said...

PS I finally made a blog entry. Helen

Lisa said...

I would have eaten both, you show amazing restraint!!! I would like to sit out on the porch but it is way too cold here. Sounds like a perfect day to me, minus the spicy spam. ;)

Kay said...

Which online surveys do you do? I do Pinecone Research, and Opinion Outpost.


salemslot9 said...

I spiced up
the end of
my Mom's turkey soup
with salsa
it even had
turkey shaped pasta
we gave her

Gerry said...

I am curious about that corn salad, since I can make a meal out of corn, I would like to know that recipe. My love of corn influenced my son Raymond so much that he created a character, a brain damaged soul who mainly subsisted on a can of corn, his favorite meal, just a can of corn.

Toon said...

Haven't seen my cardinal couple yet. They're late....