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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"The Looker"

We've dubbed one of the cows "the looker" because she stands back and watches us. She won't get near us but she watches everything we do and she won't turn her back on us. we can look out over the herd and there she is in the background watching us. There is just something about her that we can spot and she kind of gives me the creeps. John bought her at auction several months ago. Guess something in her life makes her distrustful of people. We fed some of the poorer cows. They are getting spoiled and come to meet the truck. We try to find them when they are off to themselves and then park the truck next to them to block the view of the other cattle. While we were at the back forty we saw a herd of exotic deer on the bankers property. In fact we saw them twice and they were not as wild as you would think. They were so pretty hopping over the tall dead grass and all running together. He has a tall deer proof fence so they never come over to John's side. I don't know why he has them, if he lets people hunt them or if he has them for pets. I would think pets as we never hear gunfire in that direction. We went to the hay yard and moved one large round bale to the pens and closed the gate so the cows can't get to it. Someday when the weather is bad we can just open the gate to the pens and they will have lunch without too much trouble on our part. When John does this he drives into the pen with the hay buggie to unload it and my job is to stand in the gate and say no to any cow who tries to come in. Had an argument with one big black cow but I won. I like this job as I can stand there sipping my coffee taking in the country air. I've just about gave up feeding the turtles. The ducks and geese are such hogs they grab everything and step on the turtles so they don't come around much. The coyotes probably haven't discovered them yet but when they do or when the owners decide to sell them or Craig's List I will continue feeding the turtles. I'm sure they aren't going hungry, they survived for years before I fed them.


Dar said...

It is something how there is always that one in the herd that trusts no one...just so she isn't waiting for you to let your guard down...sorry to hear about your turtles...maybe you will see them in the spring...could be they are under the mud anyway in hibernation...that's what they do up here. Have fun,,,coffee in hand tending the herd. What a woman.

jack69 said...

Yep what Dar says!!!

You are getting the hang of things if you can handle the job with coffee, huh? Or have you been doing it, just not telling us?

I always enjoy the information from the Ranch, the next ranch over and all. I like the name 'Looker', Sherry is one of those!!!LOL

Take care and I haven't noticed you saying it is cold there, we B FREEZING and we are not even in Wisconsin!!!
This is North CArolina for heaven's sake, should be nice and pleasant!!!

Toon said...

Maybe she's a secret agent cow.

~mel said...

I remember one of Dad's cows when we were kids ~ he had a looker too. That cow used to freak me out. It was never aggressive; but I didn't trust it and would never turn my back on her.

Good idea you have there putting that bale of hay in the enclosed area for a bad weather day. I can just picture you tending the gate with coffee in hand ~ chasing off the black cow. lol I'm glad you won the argument.

Lisa said...

I can just see you having an argument with that cow LOL!!

madcobug said...

Glad that you had a hot cup of coffee while herding cattle. Helen

shirl72 said...

I am so worried about the turtles. Can you
call the Humane Society and report the ducks
and geese. I will help.